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BBC News - Broadfield pub petrol bomber runs into lamppost

A man who tried to petrol bomb a pub in West Sussex was caught by police after he ran into a lamppost and needed medical treatment.
Amir Ali was jailed for eight years at Hove Crown Court for the attack on the Imperial pub in Broadfield in May 2008.
He had denied being responsible for the attack, despite it being caught on CCTV.
Have not seen the Video because here at work we do not have flash.


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Just watched it on YouTube. Jeepers that was one heck of an explosion, I'm not surprised he ran into a lamp post afterwards!


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That is the funniest thing I have seen for years :laugh: have emailed it to all my workmates and mates, brilliant.:thumbsup:


Hahaha. First one lobs a brick in to create a hole, second one lobs the firebomb and misses the hole! Not to mention the incident with the lamp post!


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there was one a while ago about an idiot kicking hell out of concrete slab wall , the one he kicked broke and the one above dropped and trapped him :facepalm: :rotfl:


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:laugh: Top tip shopfront firebombers - make sure you make

a hole in laminated glass before deploying petrol bomb :lesson:
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As soon as I saw the thread title I knew the content :D


Did he lose his foot? Those slabs probably weight 100kg each, and it looks like at least two possibly more were above the one he snapped. How many pounds of pressure on that couple of square inches of bone? oof


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<------------- :D

Ahhh, Broadfield Barton. Such a wonderful place...:rolleyes:

I once sat next to someone who described Crawley as 'an armpit of a place'. Still makes me smile.
Crawley (or Broadfield to be exact) is like a holding pen for Jeremy Kyle guests. Truly a horrifying area.


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Sue the council for putting the lampost there, sue the nightclub/pub for having reinforced glass, sue the CCTV company for increasing his distress by making it available for public ridicule.

We may laugh, but watch this space....

What a pleb though :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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