What 80's movie star


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Can some please please tell me who this is? Or even better, what movie is this a screenshot from?

In the dialogue the father is asking her to what's happening. She responds by saying she can't tell. He asks her if it's illegal. She smiles and says no.

The clip is from a movie is played on the television set in a gas station in the movie 'way of the gun'.

If you don't know please have a guess. It's driving me crazy.



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Thanks. I knew I knew her face. It was driving me crazy. I remembered that scene to. I love it when they do that, use a movie clip in a movie.


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she was in ferris bueller and has a superb scene with charlie sheen where she tells him to stick his thumb up butt :rotfl:

That particular scene is definately from dirty dancing.... Jennifer Grey i think!!

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