What 42 inch TV would you buy if you had £600


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First of all, Im a 19 year old student and this is my first post. So Hello everyone :thumbsup:

This is my situation:
I would like to spend up to 500 but if I think its worth it Ill pay up to 600 for a 42inch TV. Any bigger and I don't think I would benefit because its in my bedroom. I want the TV to have:

--1080p HD

Ill be using the TV for watching films through my computer hardrive, surfing the net a little bit, watching tv and playing the xbox 360. You can decide what you would reccommend when it comes to LCD,LED or Plasma.

I know there are loads of Tv's. Maybe you could reccomend one that stands out and has lots of features. If this was you buying a TV, which make and model would you go for and why?

Make sure it has both Wifi and 1080 definition.

Thanks :rolleyes:


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I'll prob get flamed for saying it, but the Panasonic G20 is a bargain at the mo, just below 600.

People will shout IR!! BURN!!! now yes you may get some IR but I use my V20 to brows the web via my PS3 all the time (using the V20 now) I game regularly and recently I'v used my PC with it and I've had no IR issue let alone burn. Yes you need to bare IR in mind but as long as you dont use dynamic or stupidly high contrast there should be no problem. My mate streams video from his PC all the time to his G10(last years model) and has no problems.

The G20 is one of the best sets going for HD at your budget if not the best, gaming is excellent and SD is way better on plasma than LCD, plus you have better motion and low lag.

If you plan to use the set for a lot of PC work that involves a lot of static imagery over long periods Id not recommend it, otherwise its worth considering.


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Hi. Wait till December at least and should see prices going down again. or maybe even more after Christmas. New generation will come next year therefore prices for current will go down quite soon. It just crosses my mind. How much money they make if prices halves only in a year in some cases. Etc Panasonic L42D25 is awesome in its own way and price even in Currys went down from 1200 to 800 as for today (in some other shops its 700). + you use top cashback for even mode discount (please use fer link Top CashBack - The UK's Most Generous CashBack Site). So my say is... wait till maybe second week of December at least be

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