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Ok guys its time the 10 year old 28" jvc got thrown on the skip ,i cant bear looking at that flickering lined screen anymore .... So me and mrs agreed to get a 37" Lcd....I've spent over a week online getting best price's models etc basically getting nowhere on a decision :confused: however i did manage to boil it down to 3:

JVC LT37DS6 with floor stand

Toshiba WLT58 with floor stand

Samsung LE40R51B desktop stand

all these are great tv's ..what do i chose :confused: one minute im going for a samsung ,the next im going for the jvc then i change my mind again im going mentally insane here ..lol would be good to get a few thoughts from you good people in helping me decide from my shortlist

also another thing is with the extended warranties with online traders ,are these a con ? ..can i get cheaper elsewhere ? ..ok you've sussed me out by now, yes i am clueless ..lol :rolleyes:


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All the above are great t.v.'s so it is simply a matter of choice and availability. Toshiba has not even been released yet, though expected anyday. However, expect to pay to whack to start with. If I had the room I would jump at the Samsung myself, if it's anything like it's smaller sibling the 32" model it will be a belter.


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I think I might just go for the samsung too.


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btw, you seem to have narrowed your choice down to 3 very good tv's.



Excellent shortlist! I'm in a similar position myself and I'm currently favouring the Samsung as my preferred choice particularly as I can get it for £1440. The Toshiba will be the deciding factor once I have seen one working in the flesh...the 3 Scarts and 2 X HDMI sockets is a big draw, but the picture has got to be really good first and foremost. JVC is also great, but a little pricier...

It will probably come down to which one I feel has the best pic overall on a consistent basis..and the same will probably apply for you.

Keep you all posted.



you guys and other info.. i finally made up my mind ,thanks guys :smashin:
ordered a Samsung LE40R51B ...cant wait to see this beast in action :)


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If you are looking at a 37in TV then perhaps you should also take a look at the Panasonic TH37PV500 (plasma), which has stunning PQ.


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I'm also torn - between the larger Samsung & Toshiba LCDs & the Panasonic Plasma?

Advice much appreciated.

D J C 197

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Which 37's have progressive scan. I think i have seen only the JVC with prog scan. Is it worth getting a prog scan set?
I understand what it does to create a better picture but when do you see the benefit, ie viewing normal DVD player? Prog scan DVD? Xbox 360? Sky +?
Does a prog scan tv adjust all interlaced material internally and display it using prog scan.
Does a prog scan DVD player do the same thing? Would i see the same results with a prog scan dvd player input into a non prog scan tv compared to a a normal DVD player input to a prog scan TV set? Would either the prog scan DVD or prog scan TV adjust the interlaced to be progressive, therefore not making any difference which set up you have?

I keep changing my mind on the Tosh, JVC, and Sammy 40". I make my choice then see one has something the other doesn't. I just want the best for my money!! And I'm bloody confused :mad:

Thanks for all the help.

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