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Im looking for a decent value 32 inch I've noticed that many claim HD ready but have noticed a couple of Samsung's that are full HD are these worth seeking out

Buy Bush 32 Inch Smart HD Ready TV | Televisions | Argos anything wrong with something like this

Push the budget for this
Buy Panasonic 32 Inch TX-32FS352B Smart FVHD TV | Televisions | Argos

Or either of these Samsung's
SAMSUNG LV32F390SEXXXU 32" Smart Curved LED TV


I wouldn't go near the Bush or the Panasonic as they are made by Vestel and will be very poor in build quality.

Unfortunately at 32" there are not many good options anymore these days, you might be better off buying a second hand Plasma if you are just watching SD and HD content, this would offer you much better picture quality, and would only cost you about £100 or so.

You need to go to 50" or above for more quality options, there is only 1 or 2 at 43" namely the Hisense and Sony XF85/87 but the cost is crazy for the size.

49" are mostly IPS panels apart from the XF85 and XF90 from Sony with VA panels so unless you need wide viewing angles it's best to avoid this size unless you cannot fit anything bigger in the space you have.

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Its gotten to the point at this size now where its impossible really to know how to make recommendations based on picture quality when there is so little info and so little care put into these models from manufacturers.

So I usually suggest to go for one of LGs 2018 FHD TVs just because at least then you get good smart TV built in. That will be the models starting with "xxLK" You can see them on LGs website by filtering LED TVs here: Compare All TVs: Smart TVs, OLED Televisions & UHD 4K TVs | LG UK

In terms of picture quality the two Samsung models you looked at are most likely to be using a VA panel type, especially the curved one. VA panels will give you better contrast and blacks, but at the expense of poorer overall motion.


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To conclude this i discounted the vestals my aim was full HD which left me with the Samsung's the curved one seemed ok but the more i watched YouTube and moved about you could sense the bend in the picture

The TE310 apart from the demo mode I couldn't really test it but it felt familiar and went with It

It may not have 4k or be smart but a afternoon watching top gear its a decent TV

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