What 28inch Tv should I Get...There Are Problems With Almost All Of Them ????


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I am getting a new 28inch widescreen i had decided on Sony's new KD28DX200.
However, i have now read about people having probelms with its 32inch big brother. Even though that set the KD32Dx200, got a very good review in what video & widescreen. Does that mean i ignore the review, in the past i have always done my research with what video etc. Sony claim is has 100hz digital plus, does that help any problem with 100hz

My tv at the momment a philips 21inch widescreen i have never had any problems with dunno what htz never noticed and blurring etc what people say? Are they being picky?

Everywhere i look i find problems with tv's it is getting to a point where i am completely lost. I obviously want to get the right one cause i am spending a lot fo money and it needs to last.

I have never had this problem in the past but dont have a clue anymore.

100hz/50hz blurring/not blurring/ drc etc etc each one, people seem to say differrent things.

I know a lot is on personal opinon but there must be some ground rules:confused: :(
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