Question What’s TV technology is used in pub display screens?


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Feb 6, 2007
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In pubs, doctors surgery’s, post offices etc you often see a tv behind the bar. The tv displays a live feed showing the news, pub promotions and other things on a rotation.
The TVs are connected via an ethernet cable which makes me think that the technology is all built in to the tv and it is just picking up a stream like an m3u or something.
Can anyone shed light on this as I could use this technology in work

Google Digital signage for more information.

Usually this will use a combination of static content that is stored on the TV, data feeds - EG web pages containing weather maps, advertising etc. and IPTV or streamed TV services which are inserted live into the feed. Some can also use the tuner on the TV as the live feed, superimposing graphics and other data over the top. A playlist is uploaded to the unit, so that advert rotations and different content depending on the time of day can be displayed.

NEC and Samsung amongst others do native digital signage TVs with the technology built in, or you can get add on boxes - such as Brightsign which just connect via HDMI into pretty much any TV.
Also known as hospitality/commercial TVs.
I have work with software like that years ago at a hotel that I worked at for a while doing IT and AV. They just run off a PC like any software and then the TV is connected to the output on a PC like you normally would, if you need it to go multiple TVs then feed the output in to a large HDMI splitter. I don't remember the name of the software but that should be easy to find these days.

I am not aware of any TV that plays over Ethernet unless they install a custom app on a smart TV maybe? I guess they could use the TVs browser and do it all through a hosted web server on the internal network.

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