What’s a good upgrade from 55W829B?


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Jul 11, 2019
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I’ve had a Sony 55W829B for a fair few years which I still think has an excellent picture even though it’s just 1080p but I’ve been tempted by the bright lights on offer in John Lewis et. al. and the desire to go up a size (or possibly two).

We sit about 12/13 foot away from the screen and there is no real way to lower that due to the room layout.

We have SkyQ and have Netflix / Amazon and Disney+. The sky Q is a version 1 box so I know I need to get it replaced to get HDR. Currently there is just a Wii connected for occasionally gaming but eventually I may get a PS5 (though there will probably be a PS6 when I get around to that!).
we tend to watch a mix of Movies, series and sport (football, tennis and F1)

Sound wise we are sorted, I have a Sonos Beam and 2 surrounds (no sub yet) and have just ordered a Beam 2 to replace it (moving the 1st beam to another room).

The room is normally reasonably well lit, there is a south facing window though we can control the light as needed with shutters.

I was originally looking at a top end LED because the burn in concerns and the fact we don’t really dim the lights that much in the evening. I also have a bad habit of sticking on a news channel in the evening when I’m not really watching anything and they have constant banners which worry me with an OLED.

however there seems to be fewer and fewer recommended higher end LED models right now, the Samsung QN94 or 5 or the Sony X95 seem to be it. So I started looking at OLED again and if I can get out of sticking the news on each evening for a few hours I think we’d be ok. The Sony A80J would be top of my list I think.

However what I’m trying to determine is exactly how much of an improvement would one of those LEDs or OLEDs make over my current 55W829B? I’ve no idea how bright my TV gets and I’m sure it was supposed to be really godo with motion which is why I got it. Its set up with some recommended settings I got from these forums ages back so is a pretty natural looking image and I have no problems with motion etc which does make me favour another Sony.

budget wise I don’t want to go over £2000 and would prefer to spend a bit less so 77” OLEDs are out unless some Black Friday mega deal / price error turns up but I can get a 75” QN94A just inside my budget. 65” models in both LED and OLED have many options available.

The other issue I have with the 75 / 77 models is the wall it would go on is only 83” wide, there an archway to the right of this so the room is wider than this but concerned the larger TV would look silly taking up most of the wall, there would only be about 8” wall showing either side of the TV. Therefore the 65” will look better proportioned, important as this is the main living room, though I know it will have a lot less impact. Has anyone else got a large TV mounted on a small wall, does it look out of place?

So how much of an improvement would a new 4K TV offer over what I have now and 65 OLED, 65 LED OR 75 LED?

As I mentioned I’m leaning towards a Sony again so the 65A80J seems the best option but if the X95 got some big reductions in the near future then it would be an interesting alternative but it sounds like the Samsung’s have the best non OLED offerings right now and is probably my option at 75”. Is lack of Dolby Vision a big issue?

Size wise, I would put tape up/cardboard cut out to give you a visual on what 75/77” size would look like. Given your distance, I think the bigger is the best option, but important for you to judge it in your room.

I sit about 1.2m from a 55” and I wouldn’t hesitate to go to 65” if I had the chance.

Don’t worry about the lack of Dolby Vision, it is more important to have a tv that is good/great with HDR.

Could be worth seeing if there is any XH9505 around, cracking 2020 TV but might be hard to find.

Black Friday is when @Dodgexander publishes his TV guide; the time when tv prices get reasonable. If you can wait till after Xmas, you money will go even further.

I am not up to speed on 2021 TVs, so will leave it to others to comment on them. Hope that helps.
Have just been sticking tape up, the 75/77 looks too big, in a way that I’m not going to be allowed to get away with! :) its not the sheer size as much as the way it is pretty much most of the wall it’s going on. Will leave it there for a while and see if we get used to it. In the shops it’s always the 75 and up that have that amazing impact, the 65 just doesn’t seem that much bigger than what we have
Brightness on TVs nowadays is only due to HDR. So its not really something you can compare to your old TV. The brighter the TV now, the better HDR picture quality it will have.

So for you, to maximize the picture quality on a new TV when HDR material is used then one of the top tier OLED TVs like the Sony A90J is probably best.

Some people still do prefer LCD tech though, and Samsung and Sony still make good LCD TVs if you end up going that route. It's a personal decision based on your own preferences and viewing conditions. There's not one best tech between OLED and LCD TV.

One thing I will say is 12ft is a long way to view just a 65" TV, and if you are open to larger sizes LCD TVs are considerably better value than OLEDs the further up the size scale you go. Compare this to 55" where OLED TVs are sometimes priced less than competing LCD TVs.
@catflap2 - I was in the same situation as you, with a 55W829; I just went for an LG 65C14; the offer price at Costco for Black Friday with the extended warranty just enabled me to get the wife's approval :)

Realistically, as an ex Plasma owner; the W829 does have reasonable motion for an LED, it was one of the first screens that was somewhat affordable that could actually trade some blows with a decent several year old plasma IMO, but the fact the newer screens are backlit rather than edge-lit like our W829, just means that colours and contrast will be much, much better than anything the W829 can achieve. The top end LEDs and OLED are even better than our screen though in motion as well though; Plasma and OLED have virtually no response time, and thus better overall motion; and even the high end LEDs are better than they used to be, they have to be, especially as they support higher refresh rates (120Hz vs 60Hz), and need to at least somewhat keep up with that substantial reduction in time allowed for a response.

I will say that when up on the wall, the 65" will seem substantially bigger than the 55"; they don't feel it in the shop due to the amount of space around etc, and the fact it's usually sitting next to larger screens, the modern screens also have smaller bezels than even the svelte ones on the W829, so you also have to factor in that more of the size will be raw display.

Not sure if you've cut out a 65" sized measurement; or just the 75", but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, it's about .25m wider, and about .2m taller, which should feel noticeably more immersive, even from a distance; even if not as much as a 70+ (but hey by time you get there you could start looking at projectors haha)

Pull a tape measure out on your current TV, and I think you'll find an extra 10" diagonally does make a difference, especially if you have other items around as somewhat of a reference point.
Thanks @alexrose1uk . Would be great to hear what you think when you have the LG all set up.

I was leaning towards the A80J probably because it’s a Sony and potentially slightly better with movies and sport.
I still have two big rectangles of masking tape around our TV, 65” and 77” size. The 65” is bigger obviously but not amazingly different whilst the 77” looks huge. I‘d have to look at 75” LCDs though if we went that way due to the big jump in OLED prices. So still haven’t decided yet
I've not had a chance to fully set it up yet as one thing that caught me out; the power lead is hardwired, so I had to grab an extension I could take the plug off to route the cables through, due to the wall media cabinet I used.

Out of the box, the ISF Expert/Dark preset seems pretty decent for SDR content, and for HDR content Cinema Home/Game mode also both seem pretty on point!

Very happy so far, the picture is a stunning upgrade on higher grade content, especially in a dimmer room; and HDR.

Threw a few youtube, Disney+ and Netflix, and ran a few brief PS5 tests at it today and yesterday and very happy.

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