What’s The Region Set To??


How can you tell which region you DVD drive in the computer is set to I was looking at some of the settings and found I had only 2 changes left. If set permanently to one I want it to be Reg2.

My computer DVD is a Pioneer 106.


if you look at the properties of the dvd drive in device manager, you will fnd a tab marked "dvd region" which will tell you your current region as well as the number of changes left. You may also change your region from this tab if necessary


Thank but I have look ed there an there is nothing showing, that is if you mean as in the attachment below.


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it should look a bit more like my attachment.

Have you got any region free software installed?

Basically, there are two types of region protection, rpc1 (software only) and rpc2 (hardware +software)

An rpc2 drive will show up as per my post, a rpc1 drive should show up as per your post (windows queries the drive firmware for the number of changes left, an rpc1 drive will have no knowledge of the number of changes left as this is stored in software). If your drive is rpc1 (or has been flashed with a hacked rpc1 firmware) then reinstalling windows or deleting whatever files/registry keys are associated with it will reset your changes + region to default.

If the drive is rpc2 then you would need to either flash the firmware to enable a region free status, or run some sort of dvd region free software program (dvdgenie, dvdidle etc)

<edit> forgot to add, when you play a dvd movie, the software that plays the movie (powerdvd et al) will let windows know the region of the disc you are playing, and if this varies form current region, windows will increment the counter and set the region to the region of the disc currently playing.

If you want your drive on region 2, just play a region 2 movie, and it should stick (assuming you have no region free dvd software installed)


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I've a Pioneer 106, and it ships region free!! As long as you don't remove the RPC jumper from the back! Then it becomes set to a region.


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DVD Region+CSS Free enables you to watch & copy any region CSS-encrypted DVD on all (including RPC-2) DVD drives without flashing firmware.

You can still use this software to view multi-region discs, even if your drive is locked to a permanent setting.

DVD Region Free

Costs about £20, but you get unlimited upgrades. I recommend it.


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Flash the drive as per Cullea post then run this app which is free, then sit back and enjoy region free dvd viewing.


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