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I own a set, but used to use them at my work. I found them to be good at filling the workshop with music. I used them at home for a while but prefer conventional hi-fi speakers. Stereo imaging was not good enough for my ears. They are quite discreet though, except for the sub.

Cheers, Mylo:smoke:


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I used a pair either side of an LCD tv in my bedroom. Decided to sell them as I was moving but now think I'll buy some more I see them for £50 or so. I was only using them with a DVD micro system so depends what you want from them.


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They're not really "hi-fi" in my experience. They have their uses but don't expect real performance/clarity.

I personally think they are great for the money asked.

I have a pair in the garage which I use when working in there and they have an uncanny ability to fill the space with sound - no matter where you are.

Very pleased with them for the task I have set them.


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u gotta watch out- theres been two types, but each have the same satellites. the sub on the newer version is much better. you can buy them new for around £70. a mate has some for monitoring whilst dj-ing with and they actually sound very good. i'd recommend quite a meaty amp with them for best performance and possibly delving inside the sub to put some wadding inside and bracing the cabinet.

bit of a bargain imo


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Thanks for the replies, by the sounds of it they are good speakers but not that good. I think I will hunt around for some decent quality speakers.

Thanks again......:)


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the place you earlier linked to has some Mordaunt Short 902 standmount speakers, half price at £69.84. If they're not on the website, give them a ring- i work for them ;) ;) . Probably the best bargain i've seen for a while.


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as i said
if they're not on the website, give them a ring. theres still quite a few pairs in Black and cherry floating around the company.

0800 458 1990

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