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I would like to set up a modern "vintage" stereo system for my setup 2. I have already ordered a Leak Stereo 130 amplifier.

I had Wharfedale Denton 80th for a while (bought them new, £349). I used them for a month or so on a Nad C356 BEE.
Although the build quality and finish was really nice, I was not overly impressed with the sound. I know about "burn in" etc, but
I could not get it right. So I sold them..

The sound was not bad by any means, in fact they are quite punchy. But they had a bit of a boxy sound and the tweeter lacked resolution, so I was not getting
the smooth sound that I read about in the reviews..

I have a pair of used Focal Aria 906 in another room, and they sound much better than the Dentons. Much better resolution, smoothness, detail and
soundstage. Different class speaker for sure (in my opninon..). But I would like to try a speaker with more body and weight to the sound. That is why I am considering the Lintons.

How would the Linton compare with Focal Aria vs Denton ? Thanks.

Matt Horne

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I think if you want resolution ( like a monitor) then i am not sure the linton will offer that.

I have the denton’s which i thought great for the size - and gave a good soundstage. The lintons ( which i use in a different system) are just more of everything especially (not surprisingly) with the bass and body. Oddly i have noticed the lintons have gotten better over time as either they have “run in” or my ears have attuned to them.

The dentons have just been moved to my sons setup - and still following the modern retro vibe have been replaced with the jbl L82… I clearly just like a a good sound - though maybe not a ultra resolved one 😂

Hope that helped a bit



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