Wharfedale Laser 40 Replacement Tweeters


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My friend has (had, I suppose you could say) a pair of Wharfedale Laser 40's. They previously belonged to his Dad who got them either 1982/83.
Because a Google search produced a few different looking models I'll put up a picture of the ones I'm looking to repair.


As the title suggests, the tweeters have burnt out on both speakers. We had a party, I convinced him the speakers would be fine, and we put them in the living room. The got run too hard for too long and suddenly the treble dropped off. Pretty standard.

I know in high end speakers individual components are often hand paired to within small tolerances of each other, but given the age and simply design of the speakers, am I right in thinking I just need to get two 'generic' tweeters, solder on the positive and negative wires, then screw them back on? Tbh, even if I can't find the tweeters for the exact model, any unit with a rim on it that is around the right size could be glued back on.

Does anyone know where I might find the replacement tweeters I need? Or a suitable replacement part?

I should probably also say that I'm looking for a replacement part that simply makes the speakers fully functional again, the quality is not so important. The speakers were never that great, but the important thing was that they were perfectly listenable.

Many thanks for any help,

P.S If anyone can think of a more appropriate place for this thread feel free to let me know.

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