Wharfedale DVDR24HD160F 160GB HDD DVD Recorder and Freeview reviews



has anybody bought the Wharfedale DVDR24HD160F 160GB HDD DVD Recorder and Freeview from argos @£179.99. im wondering whether it is worth it, it also has hdmi (1080i). also does the upscaling make it close to hi def.


argos has stock at the moment, it seems they have just arrived.


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I've just bought a Wharfedale DVDR24HD160F from Big Pockets at £79.99 +P&P
seems OK so far.

But I haven't got freeview so cannot use it to it's full potential.

:confused: I am having a problem resetting the Time on it, nothing in the setup lets you reset it after initial setup. It resets with the freeview channels but as I cannot get them it wont reset correct time. can anybody help.


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Had the same time/date reset problem as you, I too have no FreeView signal and am using my DVDR24HD160F as a satellite TV recorder which means no time/date updates (or firmware updates if it comes to it).

To update the time and date you must make the machine think it is just come out of the factory. The way to to do that is, yes you've guessed it, go to the setup menu and select the "Factory reset" option from the relevant sub-menu. The machine will reset itself which takes 30secs or so, then allow it to go through the FreeView tuning auto-search process (even though you have no Freeview) and at the end of that, you will be given the option to set up the date and time.

Bit of a pain if you get a lot of power cuts, but better than having the wrong time showing .......

If you think setting the time is a pain, wait until you accidentally hit the HDMI button on the remote when you don't have an HDMI TV ......

So, any idea anybody on how we get the firmware updated without a FreeView signal ?:lease:


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I also have the same problem as above. For some reason I used to get a freeview signal but it has disappeared.

Do you know if resetting it back to factory setings will wipe the programmes already on the hard drive?


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My dad got one, but the dvd tray flap was too flappy and sagged open. I suggested he take it back and spend a bit more on the Sony instead, which he has been very happy with (which also has an IR thing to control cable and satellite boxes so you can use the EPG to record from those sources as well as freeview). I gave up on Wharfedale/Bush Argos stuff to be honest. Buy cheap, buy twice has been my experience with them.

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