Wharfedale Diamond SW150 failed?


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Picked this up last Friday from Superfi and connected up per manuals to Onkyo 607.

Didn't set up subwoofer config on Onkyo (crossover freq etc.) but just plugged and played and it sounded pretty good initially.

But after about an hour of medium usage on music and then film it stopped working. The red on light went out.

I immed checked internal fuse on back panel and then mains and they are both OK. Tried unplugging overnight and switching on and off at mains and back panel but no luck.

Is there anything else to check or do I assume something internal has failed! very strange.

Settings were just under half volume and 35Hz on back panel.


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and 35Hz on back panel

I'd guess that's where the problem is.

Whack that knob full up or off and try again.

The reasoning is that's very low and if you had a period of no major deep bass of say 10 mins, that would be enough to send it into standby.


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But surely shouldn't turning off and on at the back panel and mains bring up the red on/off rear light? i.e. a hard reset!


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Yes, I've been thinking about it and re-read your post.
If the light isn't coming on at switch on, you would have to suspect it's duff.

It would make sense as they do say that any electronics have a high failure rate in the first few hours.

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