Wharfedale Diamond or Rubiance speakers?



I am looking to buy a set of 5 speakers for both home cinema and music. I was planning to get the Diamonds but I have found a deal on a set of Rubiance speakers. However this was from a dealer who did not have the Diamonds in stock, and it was mail order so I can't go and audition them.

I have found the Diamonds at a similar price elsewhere, so it comes down to a straight choice between the two. At the
moment I am leaning towards the Diamonds because I have heard them before so I know what I am getting.

Has anyone listened to the Rubiance speakers? I haven't even been able to find any write-ups on them.


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I don't know those speakers either. Everyone here reckons it is best to go for speakers you have auditioned and like the sound of. If you enjoy the Diamond sound, then get 'em. Unknown speakers sold online which you can;t demo could lead to tears.

The Diamonds are cracking speakers anyway, so go for 'em:)

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