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Sep 24, 2019
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Liverpool, UK
You know those tiny little cheap Wharfedale Diamond 9.0 speakers? Well, I've been looking for a small cheap pair to use for testing amplifiers and things, and I saw these at Richer Sounds for £49. Then there's an offer of free next day delivery if you enter the special code, so I tried it. What happens is it adds the £2.99 cost of standard delivery, then knocks off the £6.95 next day delivery cost... so the net delivery charge is negative, and you get the speakers for £45.04 inc. They effectively pay you £3.96 for taking them.

Anyway, at that price I got a pair, and I'm sitting here listening to them now. For such tiny little boxes, at such a ridiculously cheap price, they're surprisingly good. They have obvious weaknesses that I won't go into. But I think they'd be a cracking start for a newcomer on a tight budget, and they'd make a pretty decent pair of desktop/PC speakers too if coupled with a cheap amp (like the Chinese class D amps out there). I really don't know how they can sell them so cheap, but at £45 they're a steal.

(No connection with Wharfedale or with Richer Sounds)
Yeah I had some for a while nice little.speakers and amazing sound for the money.
These were the first "HiFi" speakers I every bought. I was a broke recent graduate at the time (6 years of study and massive debt). Paired them with a Cambridge Topaz AM1 amp, TEAC CD Player, and a Yamaha subwoofer I bought used off EBay. Total cost was around £400. For me at the time, that was a huge investment. I used my first pay cheque and I spent hours every day listening to them. Happy memories.

These speakers are surprisingly good for £50. I mean, what can you buy for £50 these days? I'd agree, they are a great beginners or student option. They definitely need a subwoofer though. Thankfully they are easy to cross over without need for a high pass filter, as they have almost no bass under 70Hz.
I recently sold my Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers and upgraded to diamond 10.1. They look good and sound, in my opinion better than my Tannoy Floorstanding speakers which cost £1400 when new. I'm a great Wharfedale fan. For newcomers to HiFi, Wharfedale offer excellent speakers.
Those tiny speakers used to be £39 from RS.

Back 20 years ago RS sold the JPW ml310i for £39, Mission 700 bookshelves and floorstanders for £49.95 to £79.95 and the Eltax Monitor 3 for £59.95 as well £9.95 and £19.95 Tibo speakers so £45 not such a bargain.

These speakers are being sold second hand for similar or more than their brand new price.

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