Wharfedale Diamond 230 vs Q Acoustics 3050 H.elp?


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Hi All,

I live in New Zealand so there are limited choices and opportunity to audition here and looking for advice.

I am after a pair of floorstanders primarily for music to go with a Marantz amp.
I can find little about these speakers online and especially in comparison.

I was leaning more towards the Q acoustics but with the sales on the Wharefdales are much reduced.

So at the moment:
Q Acoustics 3050- $1500 (about 700 pounds)
Wharfedale Diamond 230 - $900 (about 400 pounds)

So if the Q Acoustics are better do you think there $600 better or should just go with the Wharfedales at sale price?

Any advice and help appreciated.

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Hello Snazzyp

Many thanks for considering Q Acoustics loudspeakers.

We are supremely confident that you would never regret investing in a pair of 3050 floorstanding speakers - provided your room is big enough.

If you have time, please take a look at the 3050's latest review - published in the internationally respected 'HI-FI Critic' magazine: http://www.qacoustics.co.uk/themes/qacoustics_multi/pdf/qacoustics3050-hificritic.pdf

Best regards and 'Merry Christmas'


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Thanks for your reply.
I don't think I would regret it either but just trying to work out what is the best value and whether worth spending the extra $$'s.

My room is about 14' by 21' do you think this is big enough?

Also do you know why their is such a big mark up for Q acoustic speakers here in NZ say compared to Wharfedale?



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That last reply has got me thinking about room size.
Do people think that a 14' by 21' room is going to be big enough for these speakers?

The deal ends on the Wharfedale 230's finishes tomorrow so need to decide; or just get the Q Acoustics?
Can anyone give some helpful advice please?

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Hi Snazzyp

The 3050 will perform perfectly in a 21' x 14' room. As with every speaker, it's best to keep them out of, and asymmetrical with, the corners. They are supplied with 'port bungs' if you have to site them close to a rear wall.


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