Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Standmount Speaker Review & Comments


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Thank you for the review. Really glad to see a review at something in the budget price range. An interesting product with a few different tweaks to the norm.

I can remember back as far as the era of the Diamond IV, going to the local hifi shop and compared this with Heco Interiors, Mission 760 (not injected then) and some Rogers speakers they put up there that were out of budget (as hifi shops always used to do!).

I chose the Hecos, but had mates with the 760 and the Diamonds. The Wharfedales were the best for parties!

steve sph

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Good comprehensive review as usual Ed - I think many of us remember Wharfedale products with fondness from our early tentative forays into the world of hi-fi.
And in my opinion they've always punched above their weight for value and reliability.
A brand that many snobs turn their noses up at because they're not 'sexy' or 'hip', but more fool them.
In many ways they are like BK - great products at a fair price that many manufacturers further up the food chain could learn a lesson from.


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I too have fond memories of Warfdale Speakers. I remember just looking at them in catalogues, & then finally getting a pair (No idea what ones they were!).

@Ed Selley If the Kudos Cardea C10 were a perfect Egg Sandwich, what do these rate as?

(I much prefer the Sandwich scale of measurement to marks out of ten, personally!)


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My decade old 10.1's have recently been re-perpoused for av duties, still sound great! Like many, they were my first steps into the world of hifi and it's so good to see the range still moving forward and getting rave reviews.


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Remember eons ago just buying 2 Wharfedale drivers, from a new and upcoming company called Comet, and sticking in a couple of home made cabinets. Did me for years.


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Good review. Sounds like a decent speaker although I had to smile at some of the blurb, like-

like an epoxy rather than an aluminium bobbin onto which the voice coil is wound which makes the control of the magnetic field easier and avoids unwanted eddy currents.

Prior to aluminium bobbins, the voice coil was always wound on a synthetic or paper doped bobbin. The problem with this type of bobbin, was that it could not dissipate the heat from the coil.

That’s why aluminium came along. It took take away the heat.
The eddy current problem was solved by having a gap in it so it wasn’t effectively a shorted turn (winding).

So not really a revolution there, just using a traditional former made from epoxy (plus something to strengthen it- glass fibre?). The advantage could be it is lighter than aluminium.

Anyway it looks good value for money, although the back port does limit its distance from the wall which might be inconvenient.


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I'm a big fan of the brand. My grandad used to use Warfdale drivers in his home made speakers. These speakers used to go from floor to ceiling apparently!

When my dad comes over, he gets really fond memories just looking at my speakers.


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Great review, sound like great speakers. I wonder how they compare to the cheaper Mission LX-2 MkII. Anyone heard both?

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