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Wharfedale DIAMOND 10 MX-SUB/SW250

Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by Marky1973, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Marky1973

    Marky1973 Well-known Member

    Feb 9, 2006
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    Have set my sights on getting an SW250 Wharfedale SW to compliment my newly put together system with 9.1 fronts, 9.0 rears and 9.cs centre and am just trying to find a cheap place to but it from.....although it seems that £299 seems to be the norm.

    So first query is, if anyone has found it cheaper, please let me know!:thumbsup:

    However, in my travels in cyberspace, I have come across the new(?) 10 series SWs, including the 10 MX-SUB, but can't find much information, particularly reviews. Does anyone know much about these new subs, or am I making it all up?
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