Question Wharfedale DFS vs Eltax HT for Bipole Surrounds?


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was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the Wharfedale DFS (specifically 18) vs. the Eltax HT2 as bipoles for rear wall surrounds?

I want to try out some bipoles and I can get either pretty cheap, but didn't know if one was better than the other (I'm guessing the Wharfedales have a better reputation)? Currently I use a B&W M1 (2nd gen) 5.1 setup (the .1 is an SVS SB1000). As my sofa is right up against the back wall the surround B&W M1s are angled in but I don't really get an enveloping surround sound (it all very directional). Hence I'm looking at a bipole solution for the back wall and then may use the spare M1s for atmos duty once I upgrade my AV amp.

Anyone any thoughts on either of the 2 I suggested and whether they'll be OK with the B&W M1s?

Many thanks !


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Thanks - I think the Eltax have a smaller footprint which may be more appealing to the missus, but think I may go the Wharfedale you’d ay not s lot of money to give it a go

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