Wharfedale Amber 20.4 or Wharfedale xarus 5000 whats your opinion?


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Hi all,
Ive been looking for some new floor standers...

Ive came across these Wharfedale Amber 20.4 and wondered what everyones opinion was on them?
Are they better than Wharfedale xarus 5000?

Ive only got about £150-200 spare at the moment and its only really a starter kit
Is there anything else out there that people would choose over these?

They are going to be connected to a Cambridge Audio amp


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I'm not that familiar with the Wharfedale Amber speakers, but in general Wharfedale makes decent speakers for the money. The advantage to the Amber is that it is, to the best of my knowledge, a current product line, which means you can get a full compliment of speakers (front, center, surround, sub), where as with the Xarus, which is a discontinued line, you are stuck with just front speakers. The Xarus are probably a bigger better speaker, within limits, but the Amber has a full product line.

Next, you don't specifically say whether this is a Surround Sound or a Stereo application? Cambridge does make surround sound amps. I'm going to assume this is a stereo music system. The best you can do is listen to them both, and see if one appeals to you over the the other. The Xarus are a rugged high powered DJ speaker, but typically available only in black. The Amber is a smaller speakers, and likely comes in a full compliment of colors and finishes.

As to other choices, it is hard for us to determine what is available to you, so it is hard to make recommendations. Your budget is also limited, so there aren't that many speaker to choose from.



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Im currently running a Cambridge Audio A5 amp but will be upgrading soon. Hence why the speaker budget isnt huge!
I am using my setup for stereo but also have my xbox and tv connected into the system looking to run surround in the next few months
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