Wharfedale 9.1 problem



Hi all
I've been very happy with my wharfedale 9.1's for a little over a year. One of them has now developed a 'buzz'. It comes from the tweeter only and only appears at high(ish) sounds. Doesn't matter if volume is high or low - it still does it. Almost sounds like the tweeter is resonating (though I am no expert in this so forgive me if I am using the term incorrectly). I've changed the speaker cable, swapped the speakers around, tried them on a different amp and the problem remains on the same tweeter. I've also checked that the tweeter is firmly screwed into its housing in the fron of the cabinet.

Any suggestions as to cause and if a repair is feasible (or worth it)? I'm sure I could change the tweeter (if I can find a replacement).
Thanks for your time.


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I would contact Wharfedale and see what their suggestion is , I have the same speakers so look forward to see what sort of after sales experience you have with them .
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