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Wharfedale 8.3 Floorstanding


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I hopeing to build a system over the coming months(probably years) and was woundering if these are a good speaker to use as the front ones.If it makes any difference I'm going to buy a Yamaha 737 amp aswell.


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if you are going to build up a system over a while, get the very best fronts you can afford first if likely to be used for both music and movies....

i almost upgraded from Wharfedale 7.3's (bought in 1998) 2.5 years ago to a pair of Mordaunt Shorts or Gales costing around £300 (the 7.3's were a £200 release model) but i realised i wasnt really upping the quality, simply changing the general nature of the sound...

so i put myself in hock (12 month interest free plan) and got a pair of Monitor Audio S6's (main reason i went in hock was cuz i got a REL Quake sub at the same time) for £600, and the difference was staggering.......altho for £600 they should be!.......mind u, going up to a pair of bookshelf GR10's just recently (worth £800) was even more staggering...lol.....

however if you are going to use a cheaper amp, then something like the 8.3's are about as powerhungry as you want to get, otherwise you wont get enough power and will risk underpowering the speakers which isnt always good enough....

ok, to put my rambling in to context...heh, try various speakers around the same price point to at least make sure you get the kind of sound you want to get, make sure they will be suitable for the amp once you have added centre and rears......however think long and hard about what you might want to do or have in a few years time........i used my S6's on a cheapish Sherwood surround amp for about 4 months, then i got a decent surround amp (3803, £1,000 model i think but on its way out production wise so i got it for £700..w00t) to power them, then added centre, rears, DVD player, better sub, more rears etc over 2.5 years........but now i am SOOOO happy i did...heh....if i'd spent all my money up front i'd have got booger all in comparison to this lot.....

demo demo demo! thats the key....spend hours doing it if you like......just be nice and buy from the shop u demo in :)

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