Question Wharfedale 5.1.2 - Atmos Ceiling


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Hi guys...

I decided to buy my first home cinema...

SPEAKERS: Wharfedale
Front Towers: 11.3
Central: 11CS
Souround: 11.1 Bookshelf Stands
Sub: SVS PB 1000

And I'm looking for 2 ceiling speakers for Atmos Experience. The problem I dont have plasterboard and I'm looking something to put on top somehow or even to use a plasterboard ones and build a box so I can fit them in.

Any ideas? And why Wharfedale doesn't have a ceiling speakers I wanted to have all my speakers by them but I guess this isn't a big deal.

Please advise me, budget around €200-€300 please because I jumped already to €2500.



A lot of members with difficult ceilings or not wishing to make holes in one use the CA Minx 12. These small speakers are very light and easy to fit and will perform Atmos duties easily.

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