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Wharfedale 37 inch LCD - Not Working!



hiya:Hello All

I have just discovered your forum and this is my first post.

As you can imagine, I am looking for some help and so please read on.

I purchased a Wharfedale 37 inch LCD TV a while ago from eBay (which I now regret). I purchased 2. One of the has recently stopped working. I got an engineer out who said the mother board has gone and that the TV should just be replaced as they do not make the parts needed to repair.

I am gutted.

I now wish I purchased from a shop as the eBay seller will not do anything and the transaction happened some time ago. eBay is normally fine and I use it a lot but shouldn't have for such a big purchase.

Like I said the TV was working up until recently and now just flickers when you put it on, constantly so much so you can not view it, sometimes the picture goes totally.

Anyway is there anyone here that has any ideas on what I can do? Is there really no way to repair it only I really like the style of the TV and I know its sad but it matches the one in my room and the one in the spare room!

The TV in question is this one here: http://www.haggul.com/Product.asp?PID=1192633

It says it's in Argos but its discontinued there.

What I like about this TV is it looks and seems so much bigger than other 37 inches I have seen and I bought the bracket to suit this TV, the bracket is on the wall but the TV isn't. It stopped working before I put it up!

Please get back to me, any help you can give would be appreciated.

If there is no way of repairing then I will have to buy a new one, clearly I would rather repair for reasons stated and the fact I paid £400 for the TV and to spend another £500+ on a TV just after xmas is a bit crap! Also I don't know where to go for a new one but want to get the biggest TV poss for my money!

Happy new year and hello to all


Prominent Member
Sorry to hear that Shell, this is the reason I wouldn't buy expensive electronics from eBay!

How long ago did you buy it? Is it from a private seller or a powerseller with their own 'shop'?

The sale of goods act should still apply, and you should be entitled to a replacement or refund unless the description of the TV gave some indication that it was faulty (which it doesn't sound like it did). Did you pay via Paypal, as they can offer some protection when disputes arrise.

If it's a major seller then you can raise a complaint with Ebay. When you say the seller won't 'do anything' what sort of communication have you had with them? In theory as long as you didn't buy it years ago your statutory rights should still apply (ie. the item should be expected to last a 'reasonable' amount of time).

Expensive lesson to learn, but sometimes the lure of an online bargain is outweighed by the cost in the long run. It's always easier if you can physically walk into a shop and kick up a fuss!



Thanks for getting back to me.

Very true, as you can imagine I am kicking myself now and taking all the 'Why did you buy it from eBay' questions. Bought it simply because I buy lots of bits from ebay as it just tends to be cheaper up until now I havent had any problems but wont ever do it again!

The problem I have with ebay is it only shows items you purchased int he last 60 days and I cant access it from my feedback either as you can only see those items for a limited time!

I emailed and called the seller but got no replies. I cant remember off the top of my head if they were a power seller or not and I cant check for the above reasons!


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Do you still have the original confirmation emails sent from the seller or any documentation relating to the purchase? If so you should be able to find them again and check their refund policy (although whatever they say about refunds it won't legally effect your basic statutory rights).

Failing that you could try contacting eBay, explain the situation and ask them for a record of the transaction.

I only tend to buy things from eBay that I'm prepared to write off if they don't work for this reason... (I also tend to avoid the less well known/respected brands for this sort of expensive product - they're cheap for a reason!).

Failing all that you could try to go back to Wharfedale directly as it's their product and they might be willing to repair or replace it.



I have the original 'Item Won' email and am going to email them again and ebay - do you have any info on the sale of goods act or anything else I can try using to get my point across?

I contacted Wharfedale and they put me through to the service centre - I was asked if I purchased the TV from Argos or Tesco as they are the authorised retailers, anyway I lied and said Argos managed to get the engineer out without the receipt (as it was from ebay) as a good will gesture and then said they would replace it, I just need to give them my argos receipt lol which I dont have! I said I shreaded it and they said its ok we can trace it, when and where did you pay for it - I was too scared to go any further so left it as I dont know when it was in Argos or what store - as its so big it would have prob been home delivery anyway!

Oh well.

I tried contacting a few tv repair places near me but none do LCD or motherboards! Do you know where I could find someone?

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