Wharfedale 2.0 speakers vs Soundbar


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I've got 2 Wharfedale 121 bookshelf speakers amplified by a Denon AV receiver.

I'm intrigued by the Q Acoustics Media 4 sound bar to replace this lot and clean up the TV area.

My only concern is whether this would be a significant 'downgrade' in quality given the drivers will be significantly smaller in the sound bar. My main criticism of the 121's is they're lacking in bass a bit but adding a subwoofer to make a 2.1 system would be overkill for me. Only so much bass you need to watch peppa pig which is about all that makes it on tv these days with a toddler!

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Hello Sauluk

Firstly; many thanks for considering Q Acoustics.

Secondly, whereas we'd naturally be delighted if you decided to purchase a Q Acoustics M4 soundbar, (it certainly delivers a surprisingly good bass response and will be visually very neat and tidy), we're surprised you find the Wharfedale 121 lacking. They're unquestionably good speakers, so before making any further purchases it might be worth checking your system configuration etc.

Please excuse us if you've done this already, but please check the phasing of the loudspeakers, as well as checking in the Denon's menu that the speaker settings are 'Large/full range' and there is no subwoofer in the system.

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Agreed! 121's vs the q, which is a very good product make me think the same thing, could be a simple set up issue somewhere? If you can still accommodate them, then the stereo field of hi fi speakers will out-perform many many soundbars! Could you add accommodate a small sub like the ystfs050, and just have low to add a subtle sub experience to your setup? There are a few slim av receivers on the market too that would take the bulk down? There's a tiny teac amp at rs at the mo for 149, complete with optical and sub out? Anyhoo, hope it's food for thought :)


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Sorry I'd not checked in on this. Maybe it was set up wrong but I used the auto audyssey set up for 2.0 so can't see how it would be. Anyways, my Denon AV receiver died a couple of months ago and I'll not be replacing it so will probably go for a cheaper stereo amp

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