Wharfedale 10.3 vs 10.MT


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Hi everyone, first thread so I hope all is good!

I am going to buy my first floor standing speakers I was going to go for the wharfedale 10.4 but I can not afford them at the moment, so I decided to go for the 10.3 and then when I can afford the 10.4 or even the 10.5 I will use the 10.3 as the rear speakers, anyway I have been looking online and I have found the 10.MT for around the same price and they look a bit nicer, I know they cannot be BiWired but that does not bother me as eventually they will be the rear speaker's anyway. Really all I would like to know is what ones would be a better choice? Thank you.

They will be used with a Onkyo TX-SR508

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If you are using them with a Subwoofer, it won't matter that much. But, for music, the 10.3 have better low end response. The 10.3 go down to 40hz and the 10.MT go down to 55h. Both are decent and acceptable, and if your primary focus is movie, then either will do. But if music is more important, then I would lean toward the 10.3.

But, I think better than both was your original plan to buy 10.4.

The 10.MT are running about £200/pr, the 10.3 are running about £230/pr, and the Diamond 10.4 are available for about £330/pr.

We also want to consider how much air each speaker is going to move. To get a sense of this, we simply calculate an estimated surface area for the bass drivers

10.MT = 4" x 2 = 25.1 Sq. Inch
10.3 = 5" x 1 = 19.6 Sq. In.
10.4 = 5" x 2 = 39.2 Sq. In.

Again, the detail of what you intend to do with these speakers matters. It sound like they will only be in the front for a short while, and will then move to the rear. Confirm or deny?

In that case, I would focus on which speaker serves you best in the rear. The 10.MT are very slim and narrow, if that is an advantage to you when the speakers move to the rear, then that weighs the decision more toward them.

But I assume if you got the 10.4, they would remain your primary front speakers, is that a safe assumption.

They are all good speakers, but we need to look at the application and where the speaker will ultimately be used. If you fully intend the speaker to eventually be in the rear, then focus on which speaker best serves that need.

Ultimately, you have to let your eye, ear, and common sense guide you in your choice. I don't think there is a wrong choice, only which speaker best serves your personal needs.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.



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Wow thank you for the detailed response,
Yeah they will be at the front hopefully for a short while!! and then I will move them as the rears.
They will be used for movies I dont really listen to music at home.
I went to Richer Sounds to look at the 10.3 I did like them but i thought that they are very small but then again that might work out well for them being rears,
I also read that they are very light in weight which sort of put me off because I have two small children!
Do you think the sound difference is much between the two?
I haven't seen the 10.MT I know they are thinner but taller.I'll have to find a local shop what has them in stock. Thanks again.

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