Wharfdale SW250 or BK XLS200 to pair with YSP-1000?


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Hi everyone,

I wonder if I could please pick your brains?

I have bought a Yamaha YSP-1000 for my parents for Christmas and plan to also buy a subwoofer with which to pair it.

My first choice (and I am a n00bie with subs so please excuse my ignorance :)) would have been the BK Electronics XLS200, though having spoken to them today Ive been advised it may be a big ask to get it in time for Christmas which really is a neccesity.

In light of this Ive now started looking elsewhere for alternatives, and Ive come up with a few options. The chief alternative is the Wharfdale SW250 but I cant find any reviews other than the blurb on the superfi.co.uk website from "What Hi-Fi" that gives it 5 stars which would seem to suggest it would be okay. Its also reduced £100 to £299 so its in my price range.

The Velodyne subs have also been suggested, though I think my parents would prefer the design of the XLS200 or SW250.. i.e. just a cherry wood finish that doesnt look so much like its a subwoofer, and not too out of place in the living room. The Velodyne looks like it is a sub with the speaker cover on the front, so I guess that would count it out.

My parents arent audiophiles so perfection isnt really needed per se, but we would like a deep, distortion free sub if at all possible and Im hoping my price range reflects that.

Id also be most grateful for any additional/alternative suggestions that could be offered. :)

Thanks for your time everyone!


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