Wharfdale DX-1 Subwoofer - Power Issue(?) And Now Dead...


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Have had the DX-1 5.1 set for around 5/6 years now and its been fine until yesterday when I needed to move the sub forward a little in order to get at some cables behind it. At this point the green power light on the back starting flickering very quickly and it started making "farting" / "burping" noises... Its done this once before and leaving it turned off for a few hours seemed to cure it but no luck this time - its very dead with no power lights, output or anything.

Checked internal fuse and plug fuse and they are fine, pulled the back of it and everything looks ok - can;t spot any bulging caps or burnt out components. Did suspect a loose power connector or iffy switch but have used a multi-meter to confirm that power is getting to the power supply board , not checked the low voltage supply to the amp board yet but guess this is the next stage?

I did find something online about the main amp IC having a habit of blowing but would this cause the whole thing to be dead rather than just powering up with no output? I can find a replacement IC online for around £7.50 but not sure my soldering skills are good enough to swap it out :-(

Does anyone know if its possible to order a replacement amp board from Wharfedale? Failing that open to any and all suggestions on possible fixes as I'm not really in position to buy a new sub.

Thanks in advance :)

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