Wharfdale Centre to go with 9.1s


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I've currently got 4 Diamond 9.1s with an Onkyo TX-NR414, and while everything sounds great generally, I'm having the issue where the audio in films is quiet in voice scenes and then overly loud in action scenes.
I have a feeling that the fact I don't have a centre speaker could be something to do with this. Is that the case?

If so is it still possible to get the Diamond 9.CC from anywhere? Or if not what should I be looking for to match, both in sound and looks?



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You might find a Diamond 9.CC used, or you may find one elsewhere in the EU. But this speaker is long discontinued.

The second best choice would be either the Diamond 10.CC or if you have room, the larger Diamond 10.CS. The difference is, the Diamond 9.CC (or 10.CC) has twin 4" bass drivers, the Diamond 9.CS (or 10.CS) has twin 5" bass drivers.

Just a thought.



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I keep looking for the 9.CC used, but they don't seem to show up that often, and when they do its every colour other than the one I have!

I'll see if I can find the 10.CC that matches my 9.1s, I've seen the 10 series though and never loved the shiny fronts and grills as much as the more matt look of the 9.1s

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