Wharfdale 750s into Goodmans ghc50



I have a Wharfdale 750s and have recently purchased the goodmans ghc50 speaker set and was wondering if it's possible to get proper surround sound? I'm very much a novice at the moment so I'm sorry if the questions a bit vague, basically I've connected throught the two left/right outputs to the speakers which give a pretty good sound but was wondering if it's possible to get any type of surround effect without having to buy a seperate amp? The ghc50 only has composite inputs and has 6 to allow 5.1 i.e. left/right/surround/subwoofer etc and the wharfdale seems pretty limited in it's outputs. I was basically wondering whats the best setup I can have or if I want to get decent surround sound will I need to look into replacing them or getting any additional components?



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I'd like to help but I can't find any info on exactly a GHC50 is. Is it a TV or a speaker system. If you can give us a bit more info maybe we can help.:)


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No its not posible as the wharfdale doent have 6 channel outputs.
So stereo is about it.

To be honest I would sell them both and get something like a Sony dav300.All in one box system.


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did you get your system to work.

Am I right in saying that you can connect the GHC50 staight to your dvd player through the sub-woofer .ie you do not need an amp ?

is it worth getting as a starter set.

my dvd has dd/dts decoder inside.




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It has an active Sub-woofer so you can plug straight in, I have been able to find this info:

Goodmans GHC50

* Active subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers
* 5x 10W RMS plus 50W RMS Sub Woofer
* Electronic controls for subwoofer and individual speaker volumes
* Inouts for TV, VCR, DVD AND Aux
* Full inputs for 5.1 DVD Audio output
* Mute Function
* Remote control
* Scart lead included
* 3 pairs of RCA to RCA phono leads
* 4 x speaker stands (adjustable)


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