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Currently trying to decide whether to take the plunge and purchase the Tosh WH36. Currently own Sony Kp44 PS2 that I am more than happy with, but really need somewhere to store all my other boxes and could do with a slightly smaller set than the Sony due to a change of room plan. I am worried that I may not be as happy with the Tosh as I am with the Sony. I think the Sony deals with low bit rate channels via Sky extremely well, how does the Tosh cope in the area. Also I have only see the WH36 in the flesh once and was concerned by the smudged screen in the middle of the set. Was this the sticky tape residue? Has anyone who has recently took delivery had this issue as well. How does the set look when it is on its stand, does it make it look too high like a tower block

And finally what price did you pay delivered, have got a retailer who will price match on this set so am looking for some help in this area.


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Recently took delivery of a 42WH36 and love it.
Took a little setting up, but it wasn’t too much bother.

I haven't got the smudge in the middle of the screen, so I guess I was lucky there.

I got mine for £999 inc vat, not £1099 inc Vat.

This was including the open stand, which I am currently not using, due to it being tiny.

Sky can be a bit hit and miss, although when it's good, it's real good.
DVDs, are just great... Coming from a 29" CRT, I was expecting it to be good, but something like Monsters Inc, just look wonderful.

I don't know the Sony, but I would hope you wouldn't be disappointed but the Tosh.



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Can I ask where you got yours from inc stand for £999.00

Best price I have seen is £954.00 inc a subwoofer.




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It was Techtronics, but I've just checked and the price is now £1099. (That's what the original post should have said, Oops).

Still the stand didn't do me too much good, couldn't get the AMP & DVD player side by side in it.



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The sony PS2 is a damn good set... going to the WH36 is not really going to be a massive difference..

The WH36 series do seem to be very detailed, with potentially amazing detail, but at first I found SKY a bit too revealing, all those MPEG artefacts on poor channels.. the upshot was some channels look stunning. However, after a few weeks, I was completely used to it, and now when I see a much 'smoother' set with sky, it just looks like there's a veil of mist over the picture..

the potential for disappointment is high, but it may well depend on what in particular you judge a picture on. Initial reactions are not always the best indicator, since as well all know, after a few weeks you will 'adjust' to any picture, and start to appreciate it.

And then there is the tweaking, as with the PS2, the WH36 is a tweakers set, and lets face it, possibly you may have to..

As for features, well its a bit down on gadget count over the Sony, but it seems to perform where it matters..

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Cheers guys, havent got any fear with the tweaking. The Sky low bit rate may be a problem. Last night spent some time tweaking the PS2 and got everything sweet. Decided to have a play with disabling the Mpeg noise reduction, only to get moaned at this morning when my boy was watching Cbeebies apparently there faces looked different according to my son & other half. Re-enabled Mpeg noise reduction and peace was restored in the house!

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