WH Smiths preorders?


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I preordered my Wii with WH Smiths, and still have had no luck in getting my console!
Got a phone call last Thursday saying they had just arrived, followed a couple of hours later saying they hadn't actually come in, and would be there Tuesday or Wednesday.
Well, I've been in Tuesday and Wednesday, and now I'm being told "sometime this week". Starting to get rather annoyed with them.
Anyone preorder and get theirs yet?


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I don't know how many of you have been following, but my story goes something like this....
On the 1st December I preordered a Wii from WH Smiths. Being one of only 3 people who had preordered, I was pretty much guranteed one on launch day.
7th December came around, and I received a phone call telling me my Wii had arrived and I could pick it up the following day. A couple of hours later, they phoned again telling me it hadn't actually arrived.
In the 3 weeks following this I kept being told later and later dates for its arrival, til eventually they said "we have no idea" and that "we'll phone as soon as they arrive".
I was fed up of waiting for my console, and decided to spend my money on an mp3 player instead. So yesterday I went in store to cancel my preorder. The guy behind the counter looked shocked and said "Have you not got yours yet? They came in 3 weeks ago."
What the hell! 3 weeks ago? When I was told it had arrived, but then that it actuallt hadn't! Ridicolous. Aparently they had one in stock, but there was no way I was handing over my money to them after clearly being lied to by their staff numerous times. I can't believe how badly I have been treated as a customer, I've emailed them but don't have much faith in them. I'd rather send a letter to head office, but there doesn't appear to be a postal address on their website.


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Thats nothing mate - had the same sh*t with Currys, but I preordered at the beginning of November.

I would describe their service as 'inept'.

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