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Hi Team,

Hope you're all keeping well and looking forward to the festivities. I am in the middle of a new build pretty much and having my electrician coming in early Jan for first look. I have got most things sorted and have a very helpful hand from someone on the forum who is helping me with the other things.

I wanted some advice with regards to distribution of Sat/Cable/Aerial and how it would work. Some background of what i want. The Virgin point just popped up so if that makes it more complicated we can ignore it (i think it uses WF100 // CT100 so i can swap and change if i need it later). I wont be using all the equipment but want it pre-wired right now to make life nice and simple. An overview of my requirements below if someone can help with what i need:

  • I have four bedrooms, three lounges and one kitchen. 8 rooms in total. 3 runs per rom * 8 rooms = 24 internal runs.
  • In all rooms, i have told the contractor i want, 2x Sat and 1x Aerial (2x Sat for twin tuner) and free-view as a backup incase the TV doesn't have free-sat or for any other reason.
  • I didn't account for Virgin Cables, but if i am doing it now, what is your advice? I think it uses WF100 so my current setup would work, i would just have to connect the other end of one the cable from the bedroom into a Virgin Line ?
  • My comms are all in the utility so this is where i was going to run all the internal cables back to (3x runs from each room)
  • I think for what i want to do, i need a quad LNB and a larger size dish, plus a 24 out and 5 in multi switch? How does this work?
  • Do you think its better for me to run these cables into the utility where all other comms are, or in the loft?
  • i also need to provide all cables/wall sockets/connectors etc. Can anyone share some links for these please?

Thank you in advance all


FWIW my house has 7 public and 5 bedrooms with some rooms having multi points. It is 20yo but they’d run a ’Siamese’ coax / ’data‘ (configured for phone) cable to about 18 points. I’ve only ever been virgin. The architect didn’t want phone cables and aerials spoiling his work! It’s worked fine for me.

Anyway, the point is the distribution from a central closet that holds the tv / data splitter and router has been a godsend. Virgin put in a 4 way splitter to serve my 4 boxes and i use a uhf tv 8 way to route the freeview tv signal to any other TVs that need it. Oh and an FM combiner - 20yo remember! I ca reconfigure the house any time I want just by plugging in different cables in the closet. Don’t underestimate the space and don’t put it in the loft because you’ll want to easy debug problems on occasion.

i‘ve never used sat but am aware the low power signal and split / distribution concerns. Assume you’ve done your homework but yes virgin can go dow the same sat cable. You are right to run dedicated cabling - you can’t mus free view and virgin down the same run - unless they’ve changed freq recently. Sat is higher again but nevertheless cable is cheap and one per function is better Assuming you have the space.

More important you haven’t mentioned Ethernet? Assume you’re running cat 6 minimum? Route them all the same way to near where you’ll have your router and buy a GHz switch to serve them. Wired always more reliable than wireless! Think about how many data points you might need e.g. tv / virgin / sat / pc / sonos / receiver or whatever and consider do you want multiple data points and central switch or single data point and remote switches - pros and cons. Switches are cheap and you can’t have too many data points!

Think about swmbo insisting the room gets relaid out and how your beloved install is now useless! Put in extra points to any room that might get changed. For kids think that any tv or sonos or whatever might be a different place from their pc. Would you ever switch a bed position etc?

Good luck. Would do it different myself if starting over.


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Think this would better in the cables forum, think you will get a response. Report your own 1st post and ask a mod to move it.

Do you have\want to use Sky Q? Existing multiswitches and diplexer sockets will not work with them. There are ones that will work with both but you should look at these at the start. Also with Sky Q you would use Sky Mini instead of having tuners in each room and I would recommend those to be hardwired to Ethernet.

As @r21442 states I would be concerned that you haven't mentioned Ethernet and would argue that is far more important than RF cabling these days. Don't forget you can use it for a variety of things including HDBaseT, low voltage stuff so plan appropriately. Make sure you use a decent non-CCA (fake CAT) cable as electricians tend to pick up the cheapest stuff.

HDMI? Are you having any equipment centrally located. I do so need to either use HDBaseT or HDMI over fibre to connect sources to displays.

The other thing to say is that some electricians will offer these services but are not really that skilled in that area. They need to get the right cabling, not whatever is the cheapest on offer and that applies to RF and CAT cable. Also, I would want compression f type fittings used wherever possible rather than screw-on ones. Virgin won't necessarily support the cables if you installed them and certainly not if they are done in a bad way.

It's the equivalent of asking a bricky to do a plastering job, they will have an idea but probably not do it right.


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Thanks team, not sure how to report and ask it to be moved but let me try.
Re cat6 I have 4 points to every bedroom behind the tv all running to a media cabinet so I can either use hdtbase or have receivers at the tv point, depends on my wish.

cabling I used dtech and would highly recommend - awesome stuff!

I guess I always planned for sky multi room and so had 2x sat in each room, but I’ve never had sky and it seems these days you only need sat in one location and the other boxes need Ethernet only. In that case, my sat runs are redundant abs I could scrap them, also saving me a lot on the runs?


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Also forgot to mention

1) Aerial in Loft - any recommendations?
2) DT100 (which i am told by the specialists at Dtech is better than WF100), to utility room (where all AV is located) which is about a 20-25m run.
3) Splitter from here to all rooms - 7 rooms in total.

Does this/will this be an issue and can someone recommend what i need?


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