West wing news.


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More4 on free view and sky digtal has just finnished the 6th season of the west wing. However this comming friday, March 10th at 9pm Season 7 starts. This is the last ever season of the west wing which carries many surprises.


Rob Lowe and eight other alumni of The West Wing are set to return for the White House drama's final episodes.

Lowe, who quit in 2003 partly because he was getting less screen time, will reprise his role as speechwriter Sam Seaborn in the show's final two episodes.

Also reprising their roles with appearances in one or more of the drama's final five episodes are Mary-Louise Parker, Anna Deavere Smith, Emily Procter, Marlee Matlin, Gary Cole, Tim Matheson, Timothy Busfield, and Annabeth Gish.

The West Wing is ending its run after seven seasons and four Emmys for top drama series.

Thanks to PoochJD for the intial heads up about season 7 in his TV viewing thread:smashin:



I only stumbled across this news last week . It had been ages since I watched Series 6 , and just happened upon the penultimate ep on More4 last week .
Have already seen a couple of S7 . But gave up when I had difficulty in getting Ep5 . Have +'d it now , so hopefully shouldn't miss it any more .
I'll be sorry to see it end , but it has run its natural course .

I'll never forget the first ep I saw , with Jed "High" on painkillers for a bad back. Some of the things he said had me in stitches , and I wondered what I must have been doing to miss a classic series .

Roll on S7



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Brilliant series! First episode I ever sore was from series 3 when the president is playing several games of chess at once with his aides at the same time as dealing with a National Security emergency in Taiwan. i went out and bought series 1 and 2 the very next day!

So it starts on Friday on More4?


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Yeah ..its great news!! The final episode of S6 on Friday was great, and as there was no announcement after it about the next series, I checked the EPG and saw that Season 7 starts next Friday!:clap:

A fantastic series, a fantastic cast, and just about the best thing that was ever on telly!!

Roll on S7 and hopefully a stunning finale!


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Donnacha said:
A fantastic series, a fantastic cast,

Yes everything about it is first class...the actors, storylines, humour, pathos, production values. I think it lost its way a little in S6 early episodes but improved no-end in the last 2 or 3.
I just wish I could feel the same passion in real life for the American President as I do for Jeb Bartlett. :smashin:

Donnacha said:
and just about the best thing that was ever on telly!!

Followed closely by "I'll Fly Away" and "St Elsewhere" :thumbsup:


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Just looked at the NBC website, and for some reason they keep delaying Episode 13 of series 7 in the US. Episode 12 was 22nd Jan, Episode 13 is 12th March! I am sure it was scheduled earlier and keeps getting delayed

Is there something behind this? have ratings fallen so the series might not be finished? I hope not!


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Could possibly be due to the fact that John Spencer died so they have to change a lot of storylines regarding Leo.


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indeed, great actor, great character too

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