Werid green "light" appearing being projected by AE500



Its a light spot that sort of big as my fist (on a 6"x9" screen)... and looks green?!!!

Only just appeared after 100 hours of use.

Any ideas?

Sounds like a classic description of a dust blob ... if so you will find if you tighten the focus it will become sharper.
Blow air at it. :)

That's how they're removed, opening up the machine and using something like an air duster to blast air over the LCD panels and/or optics until the blob's gone. Doing this yourself can void your warranty, not sure about Panasonic, sadly it's a fact of life for projectors without a sealed optic system.

Is it really causing a problem? The blob on my Z2 is only visible when there's no image showing so I just live with it.
No - It's big and bright green! Looks like the Hulks fist coming out of my screen!

Thanks for the advice.

Anyone had experince of doing this fix?
Just for ther record, I checked only a couple of weeks ago about Z2 dust blob removal, and I was told that it doesn't void the Sanyo warranty, they're pretty relaxed about it. Don't know about Panasonic though.
can you take a piccy of it..... your description of the hulks fist sounds something other than a dustblob..... a blob cant physically be producing green, its just a diffraction effect. So by definition the blob should only be faint.....

I should have my AE100/200/300/500 dust cleaning guide with pics online on my site in a day or two. I'll post a link when its up.
Its not faint... You can see it (just), even with a moving image projected on the screen.

It looks like a green torch on the screen, brighter in the middle, and the dissipates outs around the edges. But altering the focus, or putting you hand nearer the projector lens does alter it's focus, making it more sharper....

Where actually is the dust - on the blub or "The ribbons" whatever they are...?

Cheers for the help folks!

if it is dust, it will be directly on the lcd panel

Sorry :blush: - Haven't a clue what an LCD panel is....

But I did just buy a Air Spray can ;)
the lcd panel is what defines the picture.

Be careful to hold the can level when you spray..... else you will get liquid propellant coming out which = bad


Go into service menu. ie Menu->options->Hold enter on OSD for a few seconds->down to service mode(IIRC). You'll get a coloured screen. left and right cursor buttons change the colour (R>G>B>). Hold a sheet of white A4 a few inches infront of the PJ lense and move it in and out till your blob comes into focus. You'll probably notice a lot more specks and blobs. Do this for each colour (ie each LCD panel) You'll see which panels have the most dust contamination so that when you do eventually take the PJ apart to clean, you'll know which panels to concentrate on. The panel ribon cables usually have a coloured sticker on them indicating which colour panel it is.


A lot of the time all that is needed is to take the outer casing off and spray around the panels (ie where the orange/copper ribbon cables are in the pic below) This is usually where the dust contamination is. You would place the PJ on its side when spraying in order to hold the spray can vertically(ie if the PJ is flat and you have the can held horizontally you risk spraying liquid propellant all over the panels which is not good!)


Sometimes you have to delve deeper and this is only for the semi brave who dont mind risking their warranty. TBH honest its easy and I cant see how Panasonic would ever know cause there are no seals to break etc but some people just aren't risk takers!

Calibos - Thanks so much. I really appreciate your time and effort to help me out.

I shall attempt surgery on Sunday...


BTW - My projector is wall mounted - I asume I've gotta dismount it, and is it just a few screws underneath to undo, and the top slides off?

Turn it upside down. Undo the screws marked on the pic above. Turn the PJ back over. Carefully lift the silver casing off. Put Pj on its side. Spray and hoover at the same time like in the pic below. (the mainboard is off in that pic though, you'll be leaving yours on...for your first go anyway!) You'll see where the orange ribbon cables are attached. Thats the panels. Give them a spray. Spray the little glass plate on each side which is mounted a millimetre or two in front of each panel and also try and spray the three facets of the square prism block all the time keeping the hoover nozzle close to suck up the removed dust to prevent it settling back in the projector.


BTW the AE500 may not be 100% the same as the AE300 internally. At the very least it will be very very similar so you shouldn't have any trouble.
You can say that again.

I had 2 goes this morning, but it didn't work - to be fair, It was before I saw the post above about the hoovering at the same time.

I can still see the same one large green mark on my screen! Not sure what to do next really. To be fair, I probably concentrated more on the actual ribbons than the pannels with the air... Should I be spraying the top of the ribbons, or underneath - or both?

Time to call Panasonic - or should I have one more go....
Tried it one last time, and used about a whole can!

Blew underneath the copper ribbons, around the edges of them.

Still not gone. I think I'll have to call the dealer.

Thanks for all your help!

Same here! :D In fact I'm gonna take mine apart again right now.............damn, the brother just started watching Spartacus! :D


You are spraying here aren't you?


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