were can i get the audio cables i need


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i have a 2.1 speaker setup for my pc audio system.the two speakers are connected to the sub by what looks like phono cables.are there male phono and female phono?i have just picked up two much better speakers but they connect by attaching the bare wires to a black terminal and a red one.i need a cable that can have the split audio cable on one end and phono on the other!ive attached three pics of the connectors that go into the back of the sub,and the connectors on the back of the speakers i want to connect to.i hope the pics help!thanks in advance to anyone that can help! me! 31052009345.jpg




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This isn't just a matter of finding a way to physically connect the new speakers.

You also need to know if the speakers are compatible with the 'sub' and in all probability they aren't.

These low cost PC systems are usually designed to work with very low impedence speakers and are not capable of driving normal hi-fi speakers.

Check the specifications of the 2.1 system and the new speakers before you attempt to connect them together.


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Agree with Mark. If I was you, I would forget the idea. They're not designed to be used with anything else. Start again.


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i see what you mean!thanks for the heads up!ill go down a different route to solve the speaker problem!cheers!!!:thumbsup:

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