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hi folks, today i realised that my home network is unsecure when my bro-in-law brought his laptop round and connected automatically. that is not the problem but i have just noticed an unwanted "Intruder" has also accessed it within the last 2weeks:eek:

i have now enabled WEP encrpytion and the network is secure, however, my wii will not connect to my router/internet.

i am getting the following error codes: 52030 / 52031 / 52130. i have been to the website which tells me what they mean and followed their instructions but i still cannot get online.

has anybody overcome this problem without having to turn off the wep and making their network unsecure again?

many thanx for any input


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All i had to do with my Wii and wireless network was to type my code into the Wii when it found my network and it worked flawlessly.


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thanx for the replies.
i think that i have sorted it now. what i never did was tell my router what the mac address was for the wii. i have done this for both wii and ds and they are working fine with encryption on :clap:
my head is hurting though :confused:
thanx again

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