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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by Lanski14, Dec 24, 2006.

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    After getting square eyes on the net I've finally decided enough was enough have now ordered my 507 with Denon 2307 and 1930 with B&W M1s and a velodyne sub (after a great demo). Having finished patting myself on the back, my ignorance around interconnects has`started to dawn on me. While the retailer has been helpful, I think hes confusing me with someone who understands what he is saying.

    My plan is to run everything through the amp with just one HDMI to the screen (4m away). I want to keep cabling between screen and amp to a minimum as it will need burying in the wall.

    What I still cant get my head round is a decent plan for the interconnects for the rest of the kit.

    I understand that the connection between DVD and amp should be Optical or digital co-axil, but which is best and why not HDMI.

    Then what about the Sky+ box. Is it best to use HDMI. If not then what.

    The retailer said I need a RGB /component (£90) but for what I'm still not clear. Any ideas or advice please.

    The only other thing I want to ensure is in due course I can attach a decent game console. Whats the best connection for this. Equally, to play some of the old family vidoes ( while i done intend putting a video in the cabinet)as and when we want to watch one is it best to simple use a scart between the video and amp.

    Sorry for blathering on but I cant help it and probably wont be able to shut up till I understand this.

    Seasons Regards.

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    I can't help on much of this, but when I bought my 2307 I was told it can supposedly upconvert composite to HDMI. Therefore, if you run a scart-composite lead into the amp from your VCR, you won't need another cable through the wall :thumbsup: .

    Oh, and if it helps, the general order of quality for video connections is composite, s-video, component, HDMI (DVI). Well this is what I understand anyway - I have missed out several because I'm not sure where they fit in :).

    Have a good Christmas :smashin:.


    EDIT: I doubt the sky+ box has HDMI out, but if it does then use that. If not, use component. The best connection for a games console would be component, however with the Xbox 360 I am not so sure. The PS2, Xbox, gamecube etc will probably only have composite out - I am not really familiar with consoles as I tend to do all my gaming on computers :). As a general rule of thumb, stick to the order I said above where possible :smashin:.

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