Well, I've been and gone and done it


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Just had to share this:
I ordered a 50" Panasonic this afternoon from Sound & Vision in Bolton. I also bought in a Tosh SD520 player, Yam AX630 amp, Teac 5.1 speaker package and cables etc. The guy in the shop really knew his stuff and treated me like a customer (not always common unfortunately). I will be replacing my Sony 325 player and Toshiba 32" Dolby 5.1 telly. Boy, these new DVD players have moved on a bit. MP3, CDR, component out, blah blah blah.
What really did it for me was when I plugged in my Dell laptop (which I had just happened to have with me) into the VGA input. Absolutely stunning on 1024x768. I had already been sold on the video quality. I am going to need an RGB to component converter for my Sky box and then use the amp to switch component inputs from DVD and Sky. Since these will be the most commonly used inputs my wife said she can cope with switching two inputs for other stuff (VCR, Playstation, PC).
Guess what she wants to do first? Run the Sachs fish screensaver http://www.serenescreen.com/ through the PC onto it. I bet it looks fantastic.
I took my wife with me for the final step; she was well impressed. All that remains is to think about cable hiding and some furniture for all the boxes.
I've already found something to worry about - those bloody logos on satellite TV, they might cause burn in.
Thanks for all your help and responses so far. You'll be pleased to know I chose Panny becasue I was originally pointed that way by all your comments and stories. Cheers!
I'll keep using this forum, though; I'm bound to find something that I can worry about/want to improve ;)


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Hi RedRose,

Many Congratulations on your purchase. You must be well happy!

Can I ask how much you paid for the Panny & the model No?

Oh, and is it the Silver consumer or Grey commercial model?

I'm in the market for a 50" Panny myself. (Just as soon as I can find a buyer for my 42" NEC 42MP2 over on the "AV Hardware Classifieds" forum.)

Once youv'e had a chance to watch it for a while, it would be great if you could post an observation on it's scalling abilities with NTSC DVD's and maybe also on fan noise levels?

By the way, isn't the resolution 1366 x 768 on the Panny 50" models?

Hope you really enjoy the new screen & welcome to the fold.

Best Regards,

Paul D

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S&V sells the 50" Panny for about £5000 inc VAT(i was very tempted to go for the 50" for that price, but it wouldn't have fiited my space etc)
The 50" made my 42" seem tiny when demoed side by side!

I also got my Sync blaster scart RGB to RGBHV (15 pin D) lead from S&V at the same time.
I'm very happy with the sync blaster, but i await Jon Weavers opinion as to whether the JS converter is better.

As i've said before this Panny purchase has been the best thing i have bought in a long long time.
Welcome to the club and enjoy!;)


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Thank you for your kind words, Sir

Yes, I'm pretty chuffed with the purchase. In answer to your questions:
It's the TH50PHW30B (pause for breath) in silver (I think that's the "W" bit, if it was black it would be a "D" for dark is how I remember it)
Yes, the resolution is 1366x768; my laptop only outputs in 4:3 ratio so the screen stretched the picture horizontally but did a very good job of it. You should have seen it, a 50" windows wallpaper of Kate Bush!! (my wife hates it).
My laptop's ATI Rage LT doesn't take orders from Powerstrip unfortunately.
I paid £5K for it with buy now pay later to boot :D
My only real concern is this lip sync issue. I'll wait and see for myself, but I have already written to the dealer since I found out about it and have asked for assurances from him (I bought all the kit as a package, so I am justified in expecting it all to work together properly). If there's an insoluble problem then it's returned goods (last resort) or they give me an amp with audio delay or maybe an external deinterlacer since this seems to be the root of the problem.

Now that I think about it, I wonder if an external deinterlacer still exhibits an audio delay; it's still having to wait for 2 fields before doing the merge. I might post a separate thread about this.


I have the same 50" Panny from S&V and I have no lip-sync problem. In fact I cannot fault this plasma, it is fantastic! S&V's deal is 10% deposit and pay balance in one year. I also bought an Alphason stand for the display, which was a good price too.


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Hi All,

Joe, if your out there,

Given the really good price of the TH-50PHD30B quoted on this thread, in your opinion, does this represent a better deal than paying more for the TH-50PHD5BX?

I know the 5BX has improved grey shading, new phosphers, and 3:2 pulldown, but do these features warrant what would amount to an additional £1,000?

My main concern would be around the upgradable video input board feature on the 5BX. Is the board on the 30B also removable / replaceable?

Am I right in thinking that there is no 3:2 pulldown on the 30B?

I assume youv'e seen both models in action, is there much visible difference in "real world DVD performance"?

Joe, your comments would be really appreciated.

Best Regards,


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Hi RedRose,

Have you taken delivery yet?

I'm keen to see your comments on the screen, (especially DVD performance via Component input & fan noise levels) & the service received (ie, delivery on time etc.)

Best Regards,


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Patience, mon brave ! ;)
It's due "Friday PM" is all they would commit to. So... that'll be anytime between noon and 8PM, then. So far the service from S&V had been just about acceptable. They're not very good at returning your calls, even when it's about the £6000 order you just placed with them. It WAS a good price, though. I promise I'll post a photo and fan noise observations.

That's if I haven't gone crazy with the PATHETIC performance of this forum's web connection. Not the moderators' faults, I know; but ***!


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Still not set up but it's all out of the boxes. Piccies to follow soon. I'm off to make a scart to RGB+sync cable for my digibox now. Will get the component converter later, but will NOT subject my siny new Panny to composite feed. :D
Avdvd, if you're interested, the terminal board is phono connecters, not BNC.


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Here it is.

It's absolutely superb. The cable I rigged up for sky RGB worked first time (incredible!) and considering it's TV the picture quality is pretty flippin' good. DVDs were as you'd expect.

I bought a wall bracket but now I'm not sure..... the height seems about right as it is. Note the hi-tech packing case polystyrene feet, stronger than you'd think.

IT BUZZES - quite noticeably in fact. Having read so much about this buzzing I have decided to sod it and build a hush enclosure around it using anechoic foam, hardboard/mdf/whatever and a very quiet fan from one the specialist PC suppliers. They all seem to buzz. You 42 inchers should be grateful, my 50" has got FOUR fans in it.

Anybody want to buy a lovely Toshiba 32WD98B?


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hi redrose

so the million dollar question - is there any colour banding on the screen, i remember that is something that was supposed to have been improved on the later generations?


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Hi Webloader,
No, I can't see any color banding. There's a bit of haloing from the DVD but that's probably because I'm still on SVideo (not for long) and interlaced output.
I can't get over how good TV looks on it. There is a TINY amount of lip sync, but it may have been there all along - perhaps big screens make the brain more perceptive to it:confused: .
I'll need a component converter sharpish because I'm using RGB+sync on video for Sky which is disrupted when Svideo is plugged in.
Has anybody else managed to pipe Sky's RGB sync onto Green or H+V? I tried green but the picture was awful.

Paul D

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Hi RedRose.
Glad to hear you are happy.

Svideo does have "halo-ing/ringing" compaired to RGB-V.H. or Component.
Your screen can look stunning when fed the better signal.

It's funny but the Svideo feed can look sharper when in a side by side demo DUE to this halo-ing! ( it's like "edge enhancement"!)

Stop being tight and get a SyncBlaster cable or a JS convertor!:D

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