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Updated pics on second page

Didnt want to post really but since i have blatently stole some ideas off here :eek: i thought i would post mine :clap: Now i know i have a crap tv and i know some will critisize but please let it be construtive critisism :lesson:

Here goes



Right what we have

26 inch Bush hd lcd tv
60 gig Backwards compatable PS3
humax foxsat hd freesat box
thomson sky box
liteon 40 gig hdd and dvd recorder
xbox 360 with hd dvd addon
logitech z5500 5.1 thx certified dolby digital surround sound setup
Optoma hd 65 projector
92 inch Panoview Pull Down Screen Manuel 16.9 screen
8 gig first generation ipod touch
ipod Compatable universal dock
And a harmony one recently purchased which is not shown






Seating Area


and if anyone of you mention wires i'll scream, no seriously i really need to sort it out, i got my projector to hang, rewire and hide all the cables

So Have I :suicide: tbh is suits me and in the end aint that all that matters?
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I have the same speakers! I'm in the process of upgrading them, but since hooking them up to my Bluray player via optical they sound amazing!

It's a lot cleaner than my setup! Wires all over the shop at the moment! :D


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yep chocolate suede, but i have to confess when we put it on, the missus hated it, so we done what we shouldnt have, used a roller to apply it, then added anothet coat by brush.TBH though it aint that light maybe its due to the other walls being so light that it makes the feature wall look brighter maybe :(

thanks for the replies folks keep um coming :smashin:


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Great looking set up there mate, love the colour of the projector screen wall.

And there's no shame for getting inspiration off other peoples set ups either, I think they would be
honored more than anything :)


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pretty damn good if you ask me :thumbsup:

thats amazing looking paint, whats it called and where can i get some lol ?

thanks , andy


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the tv stand was a bargain i got for a littlewoods clearance store, for £35 :eek: the sizes are 160 cm width, 38 cm high from floor to top of unit and the depth is 59 cm, the have a lot of rubbish in littlewoods the majority of time but just occasionally its worth checking out cos they do have bargains at times, i bought my light there to for £12 i have seen it elsewhere for £30 :cool:


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time for a bit of an update, not much difference but new pics :clap:

first off added sky hd to the setup, replaced the humax freesat box, added a harmony one, great remote but since i have had the sky hd box i havent used it :( finally some pictures i was going to put on the wall beside the projector screen but they were to small so will get some bigger ones done. Wires eveywhere still and projector still not hung, we are thinking of moving due to another little baby on the way so didnt want to do any "final work" to finish off some pics some of my games and movies. Hope you enjoy







oh yeah and nothing to do with home cinema but i am so excited and chuffed thought i would share this




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Congrats mate, :clap:


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Big improvement mate, the cabinet makes a much bigger impact on the room than the old tv stand did :thumbsup:

Edit: :eek: I didn't notice there was a page 2. Congrats on the baby :)
Could you tell me where you got those wall plaques from and how much they were by any chance?

Thanks, Steven.
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- johnyc -

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nice one mate:smashin: nice setup aswell :D. its not until you see the scan photo that reality kicks in.my wife is 16 weeks now.i guess in october gaming time will be drasticly reduced :rolleyes:


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thanks for the replies guys,

right the wall plaques were cheap, cost me 30p each to print the pics, then the clip on frames were 50p each so 80p each times 8 so a grand total of £6.40, pics were printed off in asdas, like i said though they were too small so gonna go for bigger ones and see what they turn out like, :smashin:

as for the bigger sub i dont know, :D

thanks for the congrats as well it means a lot :thumbsup: me my partner and daughter are really excited about our soon to be new arrival, thing is i am used to things arriving via courier but i dont think they deliver babies do they :devil:

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