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Well Chuffed with Panny G15


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I've been in the market for a largish HD TV for a few months and originally was attracted to the Panny G15 but reading the reviews on this site had my head turned by the 50" V10. I ordered one in November to get it in time for Christmas. Needless to say it didn't arrive and still hadn't the week before last when I cancelled the order and snapped up a 46" G15 from Costco on a great deal.

I have had it a couple of weeks and have to say I couldn't be happier with it.

The picture on the built-in freeview receiver is great and on Sky is perfectly acceptable for my viewing needs though I am going to upgrade to HD to get that extra clarity on the sport and movies. On Blue-ray it's fantastic and even watching video from YouTube via the network connection is great fun.

Now I'm not a massive videophile just a bloke who enjoys watching the footie, cricket, BBC and a few films and for my viewing this set is perfect.

There is the temptation when reading reviews on this and other sites to start worrying about the differences in performance that unless you have a very trained eye you'll never see.

I'm sure the V10 has a brillant picture but whether the extra £600 would has bought me a level of performance I would appreciate is doubtful.

So my advice would be to be honest with yourself about your viewing habits and the acuity of your eyes. You might find you're perfectly happy with a cheaper set and the money in the bank.


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I'm considering a G10 or G15 - how loud are the cooling fans?

I'm very sensitive to fan noise and have spent a lot of time & money in the past getting my HTPC's over the years as quiet as I could. A loud telly would be the last thing I need...




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My first reaction was "Fans? What fans?"

At normal veiwing volume I can't hear the fans. If I mute the set I can hear them but to my ears it's quite faint.

I wouldn't describe myself as sensitive though.


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I've had a G15 since Christmas and haven't had any issues with the fans. I've got pretty bad tinnitus but contradictorily am quite annoyed by fan noise - so if the fans are at the same frequencies at my tinnitus, it could just be that I'm missing them :)

They're dead quiet, though. If the TV is muted and I concentrate, I can just about hear them, but it's a very unobtrusive noise profile (a low "whoosh" rather than a hiss or buzz). Once there's any sound, or even if the program is silent and I'm not listening for it, they're not noticeable.

One other thing to bear in mind is that I have mine across a corner rather than up against a wall, which might mean they bounce back less.

YMMV but I'm very happy ;)


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I think most people would not be aware of the fans, on my V10 I can only hear them if I go up to the set & point my ear behind it, again however mine is across a corner which might help. Most people who have had an issue with fans have the sets wall mounted & it does state the distance to the wall should be a min. of 70mm. & most brackets are far less than this to prevent it protruding into the room so much, I think the sound reflecting off the wall then becomes more apparent. :)


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I have a G15 and haven't heard any fan noises. The only noises I hear are different tones of humming / buzzing depending on what's been shown on screen. But you can only hear them if you have the volume turned off. No problem at all for me.


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Well, I've had my 42" G15 for all of 5 days and I'm still looking at it thinking "wow" it is very very nice. I've not tried it with full HD yet (my sat dish is still pointing at the old Astra 1) but I have watched a few upscaled DVDs and they look awfy good, if a little grainy. Not sure if this is a disk/player/cable/upscaling problem or not tho.
Only worry I have about the fans is that I have quite a bad dust problem and was wondering if the fans have any sort of filters on them as I don't want my TV full of fluff.
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Hi Biz,

I have not got a blu ray player yet for my P42G10, so I am using my Pioneer DVR720H DVD HDD player (about 5 years old), and to be honest, I think the quality is excellent, both from the hard disk, and from DVD's that I have recorded. Connection is only through a scart lead, but PQ is far better than it was on my Sony CRT with the same DVD player.

Because of this, I am in no rush to get a BR player, but no dount it will blow me away when I do.


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I'm glad the OP is as chuffed with their G15 as I am with mine :hiya:

With regard to the picture quality, this is my first HD TV so it was bound to be a massive improvement on my old 32in Sony. HD broadcasts, Blu Ray and 360 gaming is simply superb - most of the SD stuff looks fantastic too and I don't have a single complaint about this ... which makes me wonder about all these technophiles on about calibration, phosphor trails(?!), ghosting etc.

With regard to the fans inside the TV, what fans!?!? I have never heard a fan, not even turning it on - and if I'm using the TV the sound is turned up anyway so if there was a noise it would be covered up by the audio from the TV set or my amp.

All this is probably related to the fact I'm 42, have spent 20+ years staring at compuer monitors daily and have seen Motorhead 32 times. So maybe my eye sight and my ears aren't as in tune as some but the G15 is still a fine TV set!


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Fan noise is pretty bad for me, its wall mounted and from the wall to front of tv is 200mm, so over 100mm to the fans, i have a 5.1 setup so volume not an issue but when the sounds goes quiet when say folk are talking i can hear the humming of the fans and your ears seem to home in on it, very annoying indeed, i tried blu tacking some carpet to the wall to see if it would muffle the sound but no change, its at the end of a 7m room and when its muted and i stand at the other end i can hear the humming, does anyone else have this issue when its wall mounted, normal viewing distance is 8feet, i guess i should should unmount it and see if its still as noisy. could be faulty fans i guess.


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I think you must be cursed with particularly noisy fans. The ones on mine are barely audible. I would be very hard pushed to hear them even when wall mounted, never mind from across the room!

Only small gripe I have after living with it for a while now is a wee bit of motion judder. It dosent seem to matter what sourse I use (tho truth be told it's less noticable on SD feeds like freeview) 1080p, with or without 24p. I assume it is phsphor trails or somesuch as no processing settings make nodufference at all. It's not bad and it's certainly livable but as with any expensive new toy, you want it to be perfect and once you've noticed it, it becomes annoying.


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Great Tv, Exceptional in Hd and for the money, is there really anything better?? Its much better with the Gamma Hack too folks... i can see a big difference... Sd was poor when i got it, now ive changed the settings, its Fab... But Hd all along has been amazing.... am a happy chap with the 46g15... really cant see anything better at the moment within this price range anyway.... :clap:


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I feel the same as you - the G15 is an awesum bit of kit! Im well impressed with the picture!!! :thumbsup:

Unfortunately Ive decied that my 46" is just too big for my room!:(

So, I am selling my 46" G15 (in classifieds) and will be looking for a 42" to replace it! :smashin:

If I cant sell it, I will simply return to Costco for a refund!

Now, does anyone know any good deals on 42G15's? :rolleyes:

My local LakesTV is selling for £825 with 5 yr warranty????


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Thanks for info mate,

My room is approx 12 ft wide by approx 18 ft, and usual viewing distance is approx 8 ft. :(

Why do you ask? :confused:

Watching the tv aint a problem - the pic is great, its just the size of the tv in the room when its not switched on!! :eek:

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