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Welkin 4591 - The next Planetside?


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Never heard of Planetside or Welkin. What makes it different for other games, and what is the gameplay like?


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Planetside was a game by SOE a few years ago, errrrr it wa slike ET:QW but on a ginormous scale, hundreds in battles at a time and the round never ends, never ending war type of thing, attempting to take control of bases then continents... hard to explain really:oops:

Good game though, played it solid for a year or so and loved it. If another MMOFPS came along that was on a par I would definitley play it;)


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Whats that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? Whatever it is, I got all nostalgic thinking about PS earlier so went scouting for some vids, these should give you a better idea of what it was like ;)

The game looks pretty dated now, but I think it was well ahead of it's time a few years ago, when you consider the scale of the "maps" and number of players on each server. It is now several years on and nobody else has come close to releasing a MMOFPS on this scale yet:(

a player created vid:

YouTube - Planetside: Unparalleled

and some more gameplay:

YouTube - Planetside with BoB

God I feel like a geek, those vids actually made me think about the "good old days":rotfl: The graphics werent great, the net code left a lot to be desired, the enviroments were sparse and all the bases were identical but Planetside still gave me some of my best gaming experiences to date - epic base defences, organised Galaxy drops, stealth hacks....aaaah, happy days:D

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