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Phil Hinton

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We are finally live with the new AVForums. You can leave your feedback in the feedback forum threads http://www.avforums.com/posts/19817155/ or leave a comment below.

edd handforth

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Thanks for the welcome . Looks good to me . but most importantly keep bringing us the very latest news that may concern this forums members.


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When will the AVForums iOS app be working again?


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Phil, I'm finding it harder to locate reviews than in the old forum software. I preferred the old 3 way listing of recent reviews so I could easily see in each section which reviews had just been done. The current main reviews page doesn't work for me like the old one used to where I could easily see at a glance what was new in each section. Am I missing something or are we stuck with this?

There was also the 'Upcoming Reviews' which I found useful and would always subscribe to those. I don't seem to have received any notifications about the ones I subscribed to before the changes though.

I still enjoy the reviews but just don't like the main Reviews page.


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I'm loving the new design/look....fresh and contemporary BUT a couple of points.......

1) I've downloaded the App onto my iPad but no joy..... Won't login or show the forums etc?

2) when viewing the site through Safari on my iPad 2 and tapping on the video screen offering the latest podcast, it won't play.......tapping on the other videos does nothing but re display the latest podcast as well?

Any thoughts? Apologies if these have already been raised and/or dealt with elsewhere.


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:( Certainly an up to date redesign and i'm sure many, many hard hours of work went into this so a thumbs up from me. One problem I am having though is that my smilies are coming up at the beginning of a post and not in the middle or the end of one. Now I don't know if this has anything to do with my particular PC but any suggestions would be grateful. Nothing I have done seems to rectify this situation as is proven by the one here.


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Sorry but I can't get on track with the new format. I intensely look forward to reading the latest reviews and now I try to find them and wind up reading a 2 year old review on the latest 2012 JVC projectors. I'm just not understanding how to navigate this.


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Im likin the new format but were all our old posts deleted?

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