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Welcome back!


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Much prefer this look, but getting some teething problems... A lot of problems taking 3 or 5 attempts to go to a new page or Oops, sorry there seems to be a problem...


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And I'm missing that thingy in each page that opens up the list of all firing forums and sub forums.. That was a god send so I'm really missing it.


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And no button to delete my own post?


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Early days and a big change from the old look and not really my thing at the moment (too bright at the moment)
Looks a bit Blog/Wordpress

tom 2000

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Whats strobbing green flashing thing about on desktop version?


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Any way to increase the girth??
I'd like the preview and post reply buttons swapped around. Think its also due to the preview button being bold and you instinctively click it after your post.
.....and definitely this^^^ I keep hitting the 'Preview' button first because its more pronounced than the 'Post Reply' button :confused: :


...these need to be swapped around (or reverse the colours so the 'Preview' button is grey and the 'Post Reply' button is purple (or whatever colour that is!!!).


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....probably the fact that your link goes to old Rick Astley!!!!!!!!!
What!! How on earth did that happen? OMG.
Stuart the forum's been hacked! Need to return to AVF "classic" while investigating it.

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