Weird TV cable connector.. what is this!? Please help!


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Hoping you knowledgeable lot on here can help me out..

I just moved into a new house, with what I had assumed was either an aerial or sky cable sticking out the wall in living room.

On closer inspection it looks like a sky cable (to me at least), however the connector on it is a right mess.. see pics. It fell apart as I was messing with it.

I have a sky box I've been using in my last place and tried attaching it.. the prongy middle bit seems like the correct size, but the screw bit is way too big, and the flappy bit seems pretty odd.

So basically I stuck the prongy bit into the input on the box, hoping that would work, but nope.. would that work if it was a working sky cable? Or do these need to be screwed on properly?

Any ideas on this connector? Is it sky, maybe a really old cable? Or something else?

I'm not going to be able to get hold of the agent or landlord until Monday so thought I'd throw it on here in the meantime, in case anyone has any idea.

Unfortunately there is no standard aerial socket in this house that I can see.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!



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That is a standard 75 Ohm terrestrial TV COAX cable with two (of four) parts of a (broken) standard coax plug!

Even if you replace the plug with a new one, it will not connect to your Satellite receiver, which requires a different plug (F type) cable and of course a suitable sat dish/LNB etc.

This is what a new plug of the existing one looks like, for connections to TV/Freeview box...

Amazon product


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Antenna/aerial (DVB-T/T2) services only use push-in (Belling-Lee) connections - see left.
Satellite dish (DVB-S/S2) services only use screw type F connections - see right.


And just-so-you-know... Old brown coaxial cable (like the cable in your picture) should not be used for connecting to a satellite (DVB-S/S2) dish, as it's quality is way too poor. Personally I wouldn't use for antenna/aerial (DVB-T/T2) installations either.




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Thank you all so much for your replies.

I just popped down to B&Q and got a coax plug, popped it on no problem and we're in business!

You guys are awesome, thanks again!

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