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I have a NEC DP1200 crt, which has been driven quite sweetly for over a year now with my HTPC, and i decided to move the PC from next to the projector, so it's next to all my other hifi gear. I bought a 7m 5bnc - 5bnc van damme cable from another member on these forums, and did a 5bnc mod on my old radeon 9000. It sort of worked, but every time you right clicked on the desktop, and a menu came up, the screen would kind of expand and contract again before settling down. With DigiTV it was also ok, until you brought a menu up, but with zoomplayer, the picture was constantly changing in height as soon as you played anything.

I thought it might be my mod, and the other day i went nuts and changed lots of things, got a radeon 9600, and also a vga-5bnc converter, but it still happens.

The cable seems to be in good condition, and i fully believe that it is functionally perfect, but the projector still exhibits this wierd behaviour with it in. So, i pick the collective knowledge of this forum, and ask for suggestions as to what it may be? Do i need some kind of sync amplifier due to the now 9m cable run?

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Roland @ B4

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I would say that the sync signals are fluctuating. I gues you can only prove this by going back to your old setup.
Most PC cards are really only designed to drive a cable of about 2m. but I would be surprised if your 7m cable was adding that much more resistance unless somthing is wrong with a connector.

An interface box (sync and signal amplifier) would probably sort out most of these issues but it could be something new on the PC too.
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