Weird surround sound issue with Xbox One


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Cisco 9865HDC cable box
Yamaha RX-a810 receiver
Xbox One
DefTech 600 series 5.1 speakers

Cisco HDMI out to Xbox One HDMI in
Xbox HDMI out to Yamaha HDMI in
5 speakers are connected directly to receiver and sub connected via LFE

Cisco has Surround Sound option enabled
Xbox set to 5.1 uncompressed and beta enabled for TV surround passthrough
Yamaha set to Direct or Surround Decoder

I have been very happy with the setup so far as I am getting what I though was good surround sound while watching cable, playing movies, and playing games. I recently picked up the Disney WoW disc and was going through the speaker settings/identifier when a strange occurrence happened. When it was identifying my front 3 speakers it worked great, but upon identifying my 2 surround speakers, I could hear the surround right sound out of both the surround right and front right and then I could hear the surround left sound out of both the surround left and front left speaker. I have tried changing the Yamaha to Direct, Pure Direct, and Surround Decoder. I have also tried changing the Xbox One to Bitstream instead of 5.1 Uncompressed. If I do the speaker identification via the Yamaha YPAO setup, there are no problems.

Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening and a possible fix?

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