weird sound issue in hdmi standby with ps3

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Graham, Aug 6, 2012.

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    This is a bit complicated so apologies but I'm hoping for some help!

    I've noticed an issue with the HDMI standby pass through - only on the PS3 that is. If I set all the audio channels on my ps3 slim via the receiver, then all sounds great but if I just want to use the audio through HDMI standby on the amp, no sound is audible on the TV unless it gets a pcm signal - bit stream isn't audible at all. The problem is that I use the HDMI standby pass through for my girlfriend so she doesn't have to faff around with the amp, and while everything else works fine in standby (including the TiVo and Oppo Blu Ray in bitstream whatver audio codec is used) the ps3 just won't do the sound properly. Secondly, the TV will only pick up 2 channel PCM in 44khz from the ps3 so if you leave it on that in the audio settings you can't get surround / HD audio on the receiver. I have also tried it with a newer HDMI cable direct into the TV (a Panasonic gt30) with the same result so it can't be the amp which is superb so far.

    I've seen someone with a similar issue on avsforums but it doesn't seem to be widespread.

    Any ideas? Cheers!
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