Weird skin tones! Help!



Hi !
I have a problem....
I'm using a Lumagen vision scaler and the colors is my problem. For example.... the skin tones looks sometimes horrible. Its like there are colors missing in peoples skin. It's most obvious in skintones but the problem exists in all colors tones. Does anybody have any idea whats causing this?

I have tried 2 different dvd players ( Pioneer 454 & Panasonic s75 ) with different cables.

This is how it's all plugged in :

Marquee 8500 (crt) --> (BNC till RCA adapter) --> VGA to 5 RCA (cable) --> Lumagen --> Composite or S video or RGB --> DVD player.

The lower part of the picture shows the problem!

Please reply quickly I'm dying here!


/Mark Wibom



on your machine, i dont know , i have an old machine and its the 3 knobs for adjusting the red green and blue levels individualy, do you have this skin tone problem without the scaler ?


Oh, I thought it was on the Lumagen...No problems without the scaler.

Roland @ B4

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If your picture is suposed to be a grey scale you have no red so check your connections. ( swap the red and green to make sure the signal is getting through)
You could try the Lumagen on your PC monitor just to check signals.


I connected a computer monitor to the scaler and guess what? THE SAME CRAP!
It seems to be the Lumagen that's causing trouble.
But of course that's happy news, would have been fare more complicated it been the crt.

I talked to my dealer and he's sending a new scaler....wehooo

Oh well thanx a bunch anyway :)


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Probably far too obvious but, you sure you dont have the Lumagen outputting component and the projector expecting RGB or vice versa ??


I have posted the problem with my Lumagen in so many (Swedish) forums I forgot to post my solution here..Sorry..

I have tested the new Lumagen scaler, and this one really works. This piece of machinery really kicks ass. :smashin:

Though it was kind of a scare for a beginner. Not knowing anything about scalers or crt's and then having this rare problem, cause the first thing one blames is your self! :suicide: :mad:
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